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    Dò tìm mật khẩu nén bằng WinRAR​


    [AN]Advanced Archive Password Recovery Description

    Backup archives locked with a password? Can?t access compressed archives from the last year? Unlock password-protected ZIP, RAR, ACE and ARJ archives quickly and efficiently!

    Advanced Archive Password Recovery recovers passwords and removes protection from plain and self-extracting archives created with all versions of PKZip, WinZip, RAR, WinRAR and compatible products in their GUI and command-line incarnations. Latest implementations of AES encryption and the two-gigabyte archives are supported.

    Remember something about the password? Great! Advanced Archive Password Recovery will use every bit of information about the password for even faster recovery. Totally blank about it? No problem! Advanced Archive Password Recovery will attempt dictionary and brute-force attacks completely automatically. Have just a single file from the encrypted archive? Unlock the entire thing and decrypt all files in minutes ? no matter how long and complex the password was thanks to the known-plaintext attack!

    Did you know that not all archives are equally protected? Early versions WinZip had a weakness in the implementation of their encryption scheme, allowing Advanced Archive Password Recovery to unlock archives created by WinZip 8.0 and earlier versions in under one hour ? guaranteed if there are 5 or more files in the archive.

    The dictionary attack takes care of passwords based on words in a human language, while the brute force attack can unlock your archives if everything else fails. The intuitive user interface allows specifying a variety of masks and attacks, while the highly-optimized low-level code ensures the best performance and the quickest recovery of the most complex passwords.

    Low-level optimization leads to password recovery speed of millions passwords a second. Running Advanced Archive Password Recovery in background utilizes the idle CPU cycles without affecting your regular work. Stop and resume the recovery at any time to make the recovery process even less obtr[/AN]

    Muốn cài vô máy thì dow ​

    Muốn kích cái dùng ngay, dùng ngay trên USB thì doww​

    aoe1991 thích bài này.
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    mình công nhận là phần mềm này có thể dò được!
    Nhưng mà dò theo kiểu 1 ký tự, hết rồi đến ghép 2 ký tự ....

    Thằng nào nó đặt pass mà nó chơi cho 12,13 ký tự chắc phải ngồi chờ mất vài năm mất. =)). Thậm chí là hơn thế nữa. :D :D

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