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Akvis Plugins Bundle 2014 (11.2014) (MacOSX)

Thảo luận trong 'Mac OS' bắt đầu bởi cailonhoxiu9x, 5 Tháng mười hai 2014.

  1. cailonhoxiu9x Member Tích Cực


    Akvis Plugins Bundle 2014 (11.2014) (MacOSX)
    Akvis Plugins Bundle 2014 (11.2014) (Mac OSX) | 2.9 GB
    AKVIS All Plugins 2014 will make you an artist, restorer, a magician and creative person. When you first turn the program AKVIS, a surprisingly simple interface box and 5-6 buttons when you hover on them exhaustively talk about their functions.
    Plug-in (plug-in) - a plug-in. Ie program that is installed in another program is called, and it runs through it. AKVIS plugins are compatible with many graphic editors. All of our programs are categorized as Photoshop compatible plugins, ie They definitely work with Adobe Photoshop, as well as all the editors that support these plugins, ie with most raster graphics programs. AKVIS (standalone) - separate programs that run and operate independently. Each plug-in can run without a graphical editor, that is, as a standalone program.
    Note: All AKVIS plugins are called from the menu Filters / Filter or Effects / Effects, except AKVIS Magnifier. You will find a plug-in automation tools Magnifier (File -> Automate).
    AKVIS AirBrush
    AKVIS ArtSuite 10.5.2480.10625
    AKVIS Chameleon 8.5.1759.10876
    AKVIS Charcoal
    AKVIS Coloriage 9.5.1062.10406
    AKVIS Decorator 3.0.550.8529
    AKVIS Enhancer 14.0.2002.10160
    AKVIS HDRFactory 4.0.470.10195
    AKVIS LightShop 4.0.1368.9888
    AKVIS Magnifier 7.1.1071.10259
    AKVIS MultiBrush 8.0.1558.10665
    AKVIS NatureArt 6.0.1367.10850
    AKVIS Noise Buster 9.0.2761.10160
    AKVIS Refocus 5.1.423.10936
    AKVIS Sketch 15.0.2688.10103
    AKVIS SmartMask 5.0.1711.10834
    Link Download:

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