AutoRun Antivirus Pro 1.0 - chống lại virus autorun.

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    AutoRun Antivirus Pro là một thế hệ mới của hệ thống bảo vệ tất cả các ổ đĩa và máy tính chống lại virus autorun.
    Simple and intuitive GUI.
    One click to vaccine and protect any device.
    Is able to protect and vaccine all devices, including USB Flash Devices, External HDDs, and System drives, against all type of autorun viruses in one click or automatically at startup.
    Using AutoVaccine feature, the application will automatically vaccinate new connected drives at startup for all users, with a system tray notification.
    Reversible protection for NTFS systems.
    Irreversible protection for FAT / FAT32 File Systems, a simple format will remove the protection
    Protect the System Volume Information folder.
    Support multiple partitions in one device.
    Support memory cards and all types of storage devices.
    Permanently disable the OS Autorun Feature for all devices when AutoVaccine is enabled.
    Simple and objective installer and uninstaller, all users will have the application installed and working even if it has been installed by one user.

    Supported device File System:

    What is Autorun ?
    Autorun is a OS Feature, that will AutoRun a particular application when an Removable disk / CD – DVD / Hard Disk is connected / inserted.
    Some viruses, including Worms / Conflickers / Backdoors can self install silently on the device when it is connected to an infected machine using the autorun feature.
    If an infected drive is connected to a clean machine, the virus will self install silently and self infect the machine, even with the antivirus installed sometimes.
    With the AutoVaccine protection, any connected device will be protected forever against autorun viruses until it is formatted.
    Even when infected, the virus will not Auto Infect when the device is connected, when it has been protected.
    The application scans the system for new drives every ten seconds, please wait during this time to view the protected device.
    The engine not will clean the virus, only will permanent block the principal port of autorun viruses, the autorun.inf file, locking and crippling any virus.

    Compatibility:Windows 8
    Windows 7
    Windows Vista
    Windows XP Family
    Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2011 Family

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