Booxter 2.7.8 (Mac OS X)

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    Booxter 2.7.8 (Mac OS X) | 7.54 Mb

    Booxter is an application to help you manage your collections of books, music, movies, and comic books.

    Booxter gathers information from various sources on the Internet to allow you to view, edit, sort, categorize, export, and print books. music, movies and comics of interest to you.

    With Booxter you can:
    Add items one at a time or in batches.
    Create standard item lists
    Create smart lists
    Browse items using various filters
    Fetch item information online
    Scan barcodes of books, music and movies to load in using a barcode scanner or an iSight webcam
    Export item information to text files
    Export item information to an iPod Classic
    Export item information in HTML customized for an iPhone or iPod Touch
    Print item information
    Play a quiz game

    Version 2.7.8:
    Fixes a bug when searching by UPC code.
    Updates some search sites.

    Intel/PPC, OS X 10.4 or later

    Contact to email: downloadsuport191@gmail[dot]com for support all you need !
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