Chronos Business Card Shop v6.0.1 (MacOSX)

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    Chronos Business Card Shop v6.0.1 (MacOSX)

    Chronos Business Card Shop v6.0.1 (MacOSX)
    Chronos Business Card Shop v6.0.1 | MacOSX | 311 Mb
    Make a great first impression - in business and life. Business Card Shop is the #1 best-selling business card software for Macintosh. It includes everything you need to start making a great first impression.

    Chronos Business Card Shop v6.0.1 (MacOSX)
    NEW! 200+ professionally-designed cards.
    Business Card Shop helps you put your best foot forward with a rich collection of stunning business cards. Use one of these pre-designed cards as-is or customize to your liking. In addition to regular horizontal and vertical card templates, enjoy double-sided templates, signature card templates, and folding/tent templates. There are templates for over 200 professions.
    First impressions are important. Your business card is often the first promotional material a person receives from your company. It's also the thing most people keep to remember you by. Business Card Shop will help you create a professional and memorable impression every time.
    NEW 6.0 FEATURE: 3D Headlines.
    Are you looking for an eye-catching way to present your business or product? If so, use a 3D headline to easily give your card a sophistication usually only achievable by professional designers. You get to control everything: the materials used for the headline, the lighting, the reflections, the 3-dimension perspective, and more. You'll be amazed how easy and fun it is to experiment with different looks.
    NEW 6.0 FEATURE: 9 New shapes and the ability to mirror Bezier shapes.
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