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    I have a large lot of identical Compaq Evo PD1067P desktops. I am hoping to get XP Pro OEM on one and clone to the rest. Simple stuff, I've done it hundreds of times before.

    1) Installed a clean OEM XP Pro. Using Norton Ghost, I made a copy and put the cloned drive into original computer to test the image. Evo will not boot to it. Tries floppy, CD, then hard drive and stalls.
    2) Got another hard drive, Ghost'd it, same issue. However, if I put the original back in, it boots no problem.
    3) Next I used Aconis TruImage. Same result. Two cloned drives will not boot, original will.
    4) Used a different Evo and new install of XP Pro OEM. Same results.

    My question is: Is there something that is writen to the hard drive in an Evo during a clean install that the BIOS is looking for that does not get carried over during a clone? A serial number perhaps? My plan B is to do clean installs on each machine, but making time for that is nearly impossible. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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