Condense v1.6 Mac OS X Retail .

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    Condense v1.6 Mac OS X Retail .

    Condense v1.6 Mac OS X Retail | 202 MB
    You're writing an essay for University and you've to quote from a PDF, an EBook or one of your professor's presentations? That's a huge amount of text to extract... Loading whole PDFs into your OCR software and cutting out the parts you want is oftentimes more time lost than won.
    You are watching a tutorial video on the web which contains several lines of programming quote. You can't find a link to the given example anywhere. What do you do? Retype all those lines?

    Now you can do better:
    Condense is featuring:
    A 3-Step Workflow:
    1. Press shortcut
    2. Drag area around your text
    3. Paste text
    * Beautiful Custom UserInterface
    * ~35 supported language settings
    * almost invisible MenuBar Mode
    * Archive containing the last batch of 5 scans which enables you to scan multiple quotes at the same time
    * QuickFix technology to fix mistakes fast and efficient
    * Preview Window
    * Text to Speech
    * Fast rescan with improved contrast
    * Remove linebreaks automatically
    What's New in Version 1.6
    (Do not update if you're still on OS X 10.8 - A bug will prevent you from starting)
    New Features:
    - Preview Window has "Text To Speech" button
    - Preview Window can now slide through the last rescans
    - Cancel selection with ESC key
    - QuickFix Button will only show up, if any corrections were found
    - 10.8 Compatibility (Sorry for removing it last version)
    - Crosshair will be shown immediately, no need to move the mouse
    - MenuBar Icon does now work properly (Hello DarkMode)
    - Removed Typos from UI
    Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor
    (All below links are interchangable - Single Extraction - No password)
    [ Uploaded_to ]
    [ Rapidgator_net ]
    [ k2s_cc ]

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