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    New in DivX 10.1: Now in 4K
    If you like HD, get ready for Ultra HD. Often called 4K, video at this resolution packs in four times as many pixels as its predecessor 1080p video. DivX 10.1 brings you DivX HEVC Ultra HD profile for playing and converting DivX HEVC 4K videos in stunning quality.

    Bigger really is better
    DivX 10.1 is the first software of its kind to offer users a free HEVC video web player, player, and converter to stream, play, and create DivX HEVC video. DivX 10.1 delivers on an important promise of the new standard—better compression and better quality. New in this version:

    • A lot more pixels - Test out the DivX HEVC Ultra HD profile and use our free tools to play and create DivX HEVC video up to 4K (that’s 4096x2160 pixels if you’re counting!). Includes experimental HEVC adaptive bitrate streaming

    • Stream to DLNA devices - DivX Media Server got upgraded with a DLNA Controller, putting you in control. In DivX Player, pick the video and simply stream to the device of your choice to view it.

    • Custom DivX Converter encoding - Four encoding modes maximize quality while balancing speed, and new support for AviSynth scripting gives you more advanced editing and post-production capabilities than DivX Converter alone.

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