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Electric Image Animation System 9.1 (Mac OS X)

Thảo luận trong 'Mac OS' bắt đầu bởi photoshop, 17 Tháng chín 2013.

  1. photoshop

    photoshop Banned

    Electric Image Animation System 9.1 (Mac OS X) | 98 MB

    EIAS (Electric Image Animation System) is now even faster, stronger, and better than ever! For almost 20 years the Electric Image Animation System has delivered superior 3D graphics at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to create Hollywood Style 3D graphics at an affordable price you don't have to look any further. Not only is EIAS the fastest renderer on Earth, it is clearly one of the easiest and most intuitive 3D applications to learn. You will be creating beautiful images in no time, and you will wonder why anyone uses those other bloat-ware 3D applications.

    WHAT'S NEW Version 9.1:
    Faster and better Animator Preview - Re-written OpenGL hardware preview engine.
    Preview uses hardware/OpenGL cache that significantly speeds up most of the preview modes (typically by several times).
    Preview is drawn with anti-aliasing.
    Eliminates the obsolete "software" preview mode. Version 9.1 always uses OpenGL.
    New FACT files re-import - The "Import FACT files" option has been replaced with a new "Validated FACT" export option that validates existing geometry and automatically exports and reimports it.
    Updated Bullet Engine - EIAS 9.1 uses the latest Bullet 2.81 engine. Two new Bullet options have been added to the Link Info window: rolling friction and convex decomposition style.
    Renderama - Eliminated several 2Gb file barriers
    Renderama can stitch files larger than 2GB.
    Camera can create QuickTime movies larger than 2GB.
    Windows platform: Camera can render QuickTime images at resolutions larger than 4096x4096 pixels.
    Access the complete release notes.

    Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.6 or later

    [b]Uploaded.net [/b]

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