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    Flat Icon (Q)Icons Pack with 85 new icons.

    This pack has PNG and ICO versions. Icons are attached for those people who can’t convert PNG format into ICO.
    If this pack is downloaded by the sufficient amount of people, I’ll continue painting the icons. There will be 200 or 500 of them.
    If you don’t like color or form, then, please, ignore the icon.
    These icons are free.
    There are no gradients in any of these icons. They consist of the one-colour vector layers.
    With 1024p resolution these icons will also look great on the smartphones with Full HD resolution.

    maxspeed=MF( kéo xuống bấm vào Regular Download )
    Download link tenlua.vn tại Nguồn: www.cleodesktop.com
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    Cái này giống cái concept windows 9 nào mà bữa trước từng xem rồi, công nhận nhìn đẹp thật. Bên iOS thì nhìn có vẻ trong suốt nên không thích lắm!
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