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    Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise x86-x64 Full Activation-iNDiSO

    Release Name: Microsoft.Windows.8.Enterprise.x86.Full.Activation-iNDiSO [GodFather]
    File Name: Win_Ent_8_32BIT_English.ISO
    Size: 2.63 GB
    Recovery Record: 3%

    Release Name: Microsoft.Windows.8.Enterprise.x64.Full.Activation-iNDiSO [GodFather]
    File Name: Win_Ent_8_64BIT_English.ISO
    Size: 3.04 GB
    Recovery Record: 3%

    Install Notes :-

    1] Click Install the Activator...

    2] It will extract to your Windows folder, once after extraction it will start.
    3] The default language is Korean, you must click on English button for language to change.
    4] Now click on Windows 8 + Server 2012


    5] Click Now on Install Pirate Activation.

    6] It will now install the activator into your system, then your pc will log out. After it has logged out, you have to log back in to see activation has complete.
    7] Once the watermark has disappeared, Click on Computer Properties, if you see Windows is Activated.
    8] Voila you're done...

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