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Games [FsVN-4sVN] Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition - R.G Mechanics [ RePack | ISO | Full 13GB ]

Thảo luận trong 'Game Offline' bắt đầu bởi gianlan123, 9 Tháng chín 2014.

  1. gianlan123 Moderator


    Lượt xem: 1,043







    Release Info:

    Year: 2014
    Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person
    Developer: Capcom Game Studio Vancouver
    Publisher: Capcom
    Publication Type: RePack
    Game Language: Eng |Rus
    Voice Language: Eng |Rus
    cr@ck: DeZoMoR4iN

    Game information:
    Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition includes the best game about
    zombies open game world, and four sets of downloadable add-ons.
    Welcome to the Apocalypse! Sharpen axes and shotguns charge - zombies are waiting!

    Game Features:
    Welcome to Los Perdidos - ten years after the events in Fortune
    City welcomes you with a huge open to moving, stunningly painted
    world town Los Perdidos, hordes of zombies and mad plot. Thriller
    with the struggle for survival is now unfolding on the screen - PC
    version is equipped with a full support for Steam and gaming devices.

    Zombies crawling out of the woodwork - their programmed behavior has
    become more dangerous and smarter, and now they pass information to
    each other, so that the character will be able to save only a desperate
    agility and resourcefulness.

    Hundreds cunning improvised vehicles and weapons - the city is scattered
    many components that can be improved and combined with each other,
    including the fearsome weapon Boom Cannon or trucks Party Slapper.

    You can be afraid alone, but can be together - if you join forces
    and make a marathon for the destruction of zombies, the points earned
    experience will remain with you when you return to the game in single
    player mode.

    Bonus downloadable content - now, the set includes all four additions
    from the series "The Untold Story of Los Perdidosa." Each downloadable
    complement your protagonist and his insane weapons and transport,
    which can be transferred to the main game.

    Repack Features:

    Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition
    Version of the game - v1.0
    Do not cut / recoded
    Removed the restriction to 30 FPS
    Choice of language games
    Additions :
    Episode 1: Operation Broken Eagle
    Episode 2: Fallen Angel
    Episode 3: Chaos Rising
    Episode 4: The Last Agent

    System Requirements



    LINK REPACK Machenics
    Full ISO ~ 33GB





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