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FXhome PhotoKey Pro 6.0.0025 (Mac OS X)

Thảo luận trong 'Mac OS' bắt đầu bởi suskienan304, 19 Tháng mười hai 2014.

  1. suskienan304 Member Tích Cực


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    FXhome PhotoKey Pro 6.0.0025 (Mac OS X)

    FXhome PhotoKey Pro 6.0.0025 (Mac OS X) | 121 MB
    Designed for professional green screen photographers. Add professional greenscreen photography to your portfolio of services with PhotoKey 6 Pro. Whether in the studio or on location, greenscreens enable you to transport your subjects anywhere in the world. You no longer need to maintain an unwieldy selection of color backings all you need is a single greenscreen and PhotoKey 6 Pro.

    - Shooting portraits on a green screen is ideal for fashion, promotional and family photography. Keep your options open and give clients more choice.
    - Take the stress out of big events. PhotoKey 6 Pro handles the technical side so that you can focus on the photography.
    - Send a layer from Photoshop to PhotoKey for easy green screen removal, with the result sent straight back. No interruptions to your workflow.
    - PhotoKey is about more than just green screen removal. It's also packed with filters, effects and tools for creating original compositions.
    High quality green screen removal for detailed portrait photography.
    Process hundreds or thousands of photos using powerful, automated batching features.

    Product shots

    Create clean images ready for use in catalogues and website listings.
    Combine multiple layers, filters and effects to create stunning, unique images.
    Requirements - MacOSX 10.6 or Later
    Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version
    [ UL-TO ]
    [ RG-NET]
    [ K2S-CC ]

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