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Giffing Tool v2.3 FULL

Thảo luận trong 'Phần Mềm Khác' bắt đầu bởi xuanbuux, 12 Tháng mười 2013.

  1. xuanbuux

    xuanbuux Member Chính Thức

    Giffing Tool v2.3 FULL


    Giffing Tool is simply put: The fastest creator of high quality captioned Gifs available.

    Simply drag across your screen to record movies, YouTube videos, and even existing gifs.

    This gif maker was developed for speed and ease unlike any app before.

    All the text is stroked with a black outline to read clearly
    Captions can be edited to show on the scenes you choose
    The recording framerate can be changed in options
    The gif size is put into the window title.
    It overwrites without prompt for quick saving.
    It has a default file name so you can just press enter to save
    You can set it to skip frames to lower the file size further
    You can speed up and slow down the gif by changing the delay
    The quality can be set higher and lower to change the file size
    The gif url is copied to the clipboard upon upload
    You can use multiple captions
    You can use all fonts with the captions
    Click and drag to record
    Cropping tool and captions snap to the beginning of frames
    The file upload progress has been added to the title
    The captions are now draggable on the timeline
    PicStation has been added to the upload list. It supports 10MB gifs
    The tool now minimizes to the tray icon
    The hotkey Ctrl+Insert has been added to the recorder
    Duplicate button has been added to the captions button for easier flashing captions
    The captions now resize with your scroll wheel
    The tool can now start at system start up
    The upload finished chime is now optional

    File size : 1.9 MB

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