IBM SPSS Data Collection v7 x86 x64

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    IBM SPSS Data Collection v7 x86 x64 | 335 MB / 354 MB

    Today's leading organizations recognize that the key to their business success relies on gaining deeper insight. In order to get a more complete picture, they must utilize data from a variety of different sources. IBM SPSS Data Collection V7.0 helps deliver a more accurate view of people's attitudes, preferences, and opinions so that this valuable insight can be included in decision-making processes. The integrated feedback platform allows organizations to:

    Create a multimodal survey, which can reach all constituents regardless of language or location.
    Leverage predictive analytics and business intelligence capabilities through integration with IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Modeler, and IBM Cognos .
    Apply real-time analytics and score an attitudinal channel at the point of dialog.

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