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Live Interior 3D Pro 2.9 + RenderBoost 2.3 (Mac OS X)

Thảo luận trong 'Mac OS' bắt đầu bởi photoshop, 7 Tháng tám 2013.

  1. photoshop

    photoshop Banned

    Live Interior 3D Pro 2.9 + RenderBoost 2.3 (Mac OS X) | 640 MB

    Live Interior 3D is an interior design software for Mac, that features advanced editing capabilities, while remaining intuitive in use. Draw CAD-like 2D plans using flexible drawing tools, flawlessly add and position furniture objects in 3D mode, adjust light parameters for every light source on the fly. Whether you are redesigning your home and making important decisions about materials and furniture or a professional designer looking to prepare a presentation for clients, Live Interior 3D has all you need. The Pro Edition of Live Interior 3D takes the home design experience to an advanced level by offering an advanced tool kit that empowers you to take maximum control over your 3D home design project without complicated twists and turns.

    Version 2.9:
    Added support for Trimble Sketchup 2013;
    Improved accuracy for the Feet-Inches measurement setting;
    Added Perimeter calculation for floors and ceilings to the 2D info bar;
    Added Area calculation for openings, doors, and windows to the 2D info bar;
    Fixed the rendering of auto-generated 2D representations on MacBook Pro with Retina Display for complex projects;
    Fixed updating auto-generated 2D representations when rearranging walls;
    Fixed issues with creating roofs;
    Fixed issues with inserting sky windows into dormers;
    Fixed issues with importing 3DS files that don't have any assigned materials;
    Fixed issues with exporting materials to the Render Boost plugin;
    Improved compatibility with older graphics cards (including Intel GMA 950, x3100);
    Other multiple fixes and improvements.

    Requirements: OS X 10.6.8 or later

    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/16603oi/Live Interior 3D Pro 2.9 Mac OS X.part1.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/16603oo/Live Interior 3D Pro 2.9 Mac OS X.part2.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/16603ok/Live Interior 3D Pro 2.9 Mac OS X.part3.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/16603os/Live Interior 3D Pro 2.9 Mac OS X.part4.rar

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