MacOS X Mavericks 10.9.3 (Hackintosh)

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    MacOS X Mavericks 10.9.3 (Hackintosh)

    MacOS X Mavericks 10.9.3 (Hackintosh) | 6.57 GB
    It is a versatile image from our colleagues zabugornogo - Niresh12495. This image is placed safely on most 64-bit processors such as Intel and Amd. Personally, I have (AMD FX 6100), this image stood without any unnecessary body movements.
    Translated description:

    In the image contains multiple cores
    Amd users should boot from
    AMD -V
    amd64 -V
    amdfx -V
    Atom User: atom-V
    notebook users HP: HP-V
    for users with Haswell: xpcm-free -V
    Ivy Bridge: ivy -V
    AMD Users can only use the Chameleon boot loader
    If you are using a laptop then prescribed flag: -x
    Write to a USB flash drive from Windows or Mac via Trans Mac
    TransMac v11 (Thread)
    NOTE: After you install and fully loaded Mac will not turn off or restart your computer !!!! In the upper right corner will notice when you can perezaruzitsya !!!
    In order to avoid any questions about the mistakes of Georgia with the -V and write a description of your iron.
    Intel users can directly update:
    1 Backup Audio kekstov (if you use them)
    WARNING: If you use VoodooHDA TO unnecessary backup !!!
    2 Install this update
    3 After the reboot to restore Audio
    4 Restart.
    5 Profit !!!
    for AMD users:
    All the same, but look for the core and new kekstov under your CPU !!!
    System Requirements: USB Flash Drive 8Gb and running Windows or Mac - to create a stick.
    64-bit processor, 2GB of RAM and a compatible video card.
    Supports Intel or Amd.
    [ UL ]
    [ RG- ]
    [ K2S ]

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