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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium

Thảo luận trong 'Multimedia' bắt đầu bởi photoshop, 14 Tháng chín 2013.

  1. photoshop Banned


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    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium | 325.2 MB

    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium provides you with a range of unique, high-quality plugins for professional video effects. NewBlue ColorFast combines professional color correction with detailed color grading in a single workflow. You can precisely control color adjustments and apply them to individual image areas or the entire video picture. Use proDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro and create impressive title animations with templates for a wide variety of themes.

    AVCHD import is now up to 40-percent faster, for instance. Processing effects on the GPU has delivered a 90-percent speed boost, while rendering AVCHD Full HD projects can be up to twice as fast in some situations. Elsewhere, the revamped chroma Mã engine uses a new anti-spill feature to deliver quality green/ blue screen effects with crisp, sharp contours (no green edges).

    Workflow improvements see you now able to quickly play or trim your clips, directly from the Media Pool. A lengthy list of additions also includes new import options (including the Olympus OM-D); new DirectX 11 features; support for the new AVCHD Progressive (50p) video standard; many title editing improvements; smarter preview rendering, enhanced H.264 export and more.

    And as before, the new family comes in the form of three editions. Movie Edit Pro 2013 is the base; Movie Edit Pro 2013 Plus extends the program with secondary colour correction, advanced effects, professional movie templates, multicam editing, AVCHD authoring and more; and Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium is bundled with NewBlueFX Video Essentials, digieffects Phenomena and proDAD Adorage 13.

    Your advantages:
    - High-quality special effects, cinematic transitions & templates included
    - Full Stereo3D support
    - Advanced dubbing: DolbyDigital 5.1 mixer etc.
    - Full HD support for HDV and AVCHD camcorders etc.
    - Video editing program with 99 tracks, multicam editing
    - Travel route animation and much more
    - Present your videos on TV, online or on the go.

    Exclusively in the Premium version:
    NEW! NewBlueFX Video Essential IV
    NEW! digieffects Phenomena
    NEW! proDAD Adorage 13
    NEW! MotionStudios Vasco da Gama 6.50 HD Professional

    More than 50 new features
    - Improved timeline display with video and audio on one track
    - Support of the new video standard AVCHD Progressive (50p)
    - Accelerated export of AVCHD videos - featuring automatic graphics card recognition*
    - Improved user interface with quick access features
    - New high-quality decorative elements and intro/outro templates
    - Fast and direct GPU calculation of all essential video effects
    - New Chroma Mã Engine for perfect object extraction
    - New templates for professional movie trailers including music
    - Preview rendering for Stereo3D and multicam projects
    - Automatic synchronization of multicam projects using the audio track

    Supported import formats
    Video: AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MTS, M2TS, MXV, MJPEG, QuickTime, WMV(HD), VOB, MKV
    Audio: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, MIDI, DolbyDigital Stereo/5.1 (downmix to stereo)
    Images: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA

    Supported export formats
    Video: AVI, DV-AVI, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WMV(HD)
    Audio: WAV, MP3
    Images: JPEG, BMP

    Supported devices
    FireWire interface: for use with DV/HDV camcorders
    USB interface: for use with HD camcorders, cameras, digital video recorders and webcams
    Video, TV, or graphics cards with a video input for digitizing analog sources
    TV tuner and DVB T/S tuner cards for recording TV streams
    Optical drives: Blu-ray, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, or CD-R/RW burner

    Home Page - Xin vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem liên kết
    [b]Uploaded.net [/b]
    http://extabit.com/file/279na6aamrvdj/MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium
    http://extabit.com/file/279na6aamrvfb/MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium
    http://extabit.com/file/279na6aamrv9z/MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium
    http://extabit.com/file/279na6aamrs7r/MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/165vbnz/MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/165vbow/MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/165vboX/MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/165vbp3/MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium

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