Nhóm New Upload Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010 SP2 + Project & SharePoint Designer & Visio (Update Dec 9, 2014)

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    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 - a software package from the company Microsoft, indispensable when working in the office or at school. Contains programs for word processing, spreadsheet, video presentations, email and more.

    Package Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 SP2 includes:
    Microsoft Access 2010
    Microsoft Excel 2010
    Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2010
    Microsoft InfoPath Filler 2010
    Microsoft OneNote2010
    Microsoft Outlook 2010
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
    Microsoft Project 2010
    Microsoft Project Server 2010
    Microsoft Publisher 2010
    Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010
    Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
    Microsoft Visio 2010
    Microsoft Word 2010

    Main features:
    32-bit version - runs on both x86, and on x64-bit systems!
    The choice available to 4 languages - Russian, Ukrainian, English, German.
    The choice of language is automatic and determined based on the primary language set in Windows.
    You can add the desired language by setting the corresponding checkbox.
    For Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 Ukrainian language is not available!
    To create an assembly used only the original image of Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 on 9/20/2011 [MSDN]:
    Office Professional Plus 2010 with Service Pack 1 (x86 and x64) - DVD (Russian), (Ukrainian), (English), (German)
    Project Professional 2010 with Service Pack 1 (x86 and x64) - DVD (Russian), (Ukrainian), (English), (German)
    Visio 2010 with Service Pack 1 (x86 and x64) - DVD (Russian), (Ukrainian), (English), (German)
    Integrated: Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 2, Microsoft Project 2010 Service Pack 2, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 Service Pack 2, Microsoft Visio 2010 Service Pack 2.
    All components of the Microsoft Office 2010 updated December 9, 2014 to version 14.0.7140.5002.

    The procedure for treatment:
    Run Microsoft Toolkit.exe - click on the Office icon below
    Go to the menu Activation - Hit EZ-Activator
    We are waiting for the completion message Activation Information Console

    System requirements:
    Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 RC, Windows 8, 8.1
    Processor: 500 MHz or more
    RAM: 256 MB or more
    Hard Disk: 1.5 GB of free space;
    part of the site is released after the end of the installation process

    Checksums iso:
    MD5: aef891893f62c19170b080aefc6c6ecf
    SHA-1: 798966c56dd3a67f86902b5cd5cdeff0e14c1917
    CRC32: 322e3efc

    Year of release: 2014
    Software Version: 14.0.7140.5002
    Developer: Microsoft Corporation
    Language: Russian (Russian), Ukrainian (Ukrainian), English (English), German (German).
    Treatment: Complete (activator Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.2)
    Size: 3,82 GB

    Bản này x86 và x64 chung 1 file iso luôn.

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