Microsoft Windows 7 Neon Edition (x64) 2013

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    Microsoft Windows 7 Neon Edition (x64) 2013 | 3.36 GB

    Main OS Name : Windows 7 SP1 Professional x64
    New OS Name : Neon Edition 2013 x64
    Service Pack : 1
    Updates : May 2013
    Athor : WhiteDeath (me)
    Size : 3.52GB ISO MODE

    Features :
    Many errors fixed!
    from Regs,tweaks,
    Is faster that before
    Setup installation is faster than before
    The Back up files of WinSxS delete size (350-400)MB
    No need to activate is preActivated
    no need Net Framework 4.5incl:Updates is Silent installed!
    The IE 10 replaced Google Chrome Last Version!
    And if you want have last Version FireFox Mozilla!
    Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 11.7.700.202 Silent Installed!
    Adobe Flash Player Plugin 11.7.700.202 Silent installed!
    Installed Last version!
    Jave Runtime All Last Updates Silent installed!
    Microsoft Silveright last Version Silent installed!
    Microsoft.Malicious.Software Removal may 2013 Silent

    From Apps silent installed have:
    klcp_975_full_x86_x64.exe Silent installed!
    Vlc Player 2.0.7 Silent installed!

    Activate : Windows loader v2.2.1 (Note After Activated make Restart!

    New Addons Added:
    7zip 9.30 last Version!
    Ccleaner 4.02.4115 last Version!
    CmdOpen Last Version!
    Defraggler 2.14.706 Last Version!
    Gimp 2.8.4 Last Version!
    ImgBurn Last Version!
    Notepad Last Version!
    Winrar 4.20 Last Version!
    Deep Burner Last Version!
    Unlocker 1.9.1 Last Version

    Internet Explorer=false
    group policy:Added
    User Directory:Added
    Windows switcher:Added
    Control panel view:Category
    Desktop:Action Centerisabled
    Show Desktop Icons:Enabled
    Show run On start:Enabled
    smalls icons:Enabled
    start menu Administrative tools:Enabled
    Aero peekisable
    Explorer Shortcuts:
    Programes and Features:Enabled
    Administrative Tools:Enabled
    Device Manager:Enable
    Color Management:Enable
    Auto play:Enabled
    Explorer Context:
    Add Device Manager:Enabled
    Add Group Policy:Enabled
    Add MS-Config:Enabled
    Add Services:Enabled
    God Mode:Enabled
    Registry Editor:Enabled
    Administrative Tools:Enabled
    Change Cursor:Enabled
    Change Sounds:Enabled
    Change Theme:Enabled
    3rd-party visual styles:Enabled And Forced Aero
    Change Wallpaper:Enabled
    Desktop Icon Settings:Enabled
    Registry Editors:Enabled
    Task Manager:Enabled
    Command Color:Blue
    Copy To:Enabled
    Move To:Enabled
    Grant Admin Permission:Enabled
    Disk Clean up:Enable

    Anti spyware:Enabled
    Windows FireWall:Enabled

    Windows CardSpace:isabled
    Windows Anytime Upgradeisabled
    Windows Modules Installer:Manual
    System:Set Mouse Pointer Speed Maximum:Enabled
    Hibernation Disable
    Gagdets Disabled
    ScreenSaver Disabled
    Tablets Options : disabled

    Drivers Deleted:
    Fax Drivers Deleted permantly
    printers Drivers:deleted

    More Tweaks And Regs Added!

    What is new of Customization:
    New Start Orb
    New BootScreen
    New Icon Pack
    New Glass theme
    New Cursor Pack
    New Rolation Orb
    Login/log off New:Wallpapers
    Desktop New:Wallpaper




    Download From LetitBit

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