Microsoft Windows Black SeVen 14 Ultimate USB

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    Direct Download (100% Working Link)
    Microsoft Windows Black SeVen 14 Ultimate USB | 8.11 GB

    Release Notes
    -Black SeVen 14, Updates To August.

    -3 Versions to choose from:
    *Black SeVen 14 Ultimate + Mega Drivers ( May Cause BSOD on some hardware)*
    *Black SeVen 14 ultimate + Driver packs Lite ( Included fewer Drivers no chance of BSOD)**
    *Windows 7 X64 Untouched

    -ALL Versions will install The Full Video Drivers Of each Platform:
    Included in all version:
    *GeForce 320.49 Driver Full
    *AMD Catalyst DisplayDriver 13.4
    *Intel« HD graphics Driver for Windows 7 64 &

    Add 'Copy To Folder' to context-menu
    Add 'Move To Folder' to context-menu
    Add 'Take Ownership' to context-menu
    Disable Recycle Bin
    Show 'Computer' on Desktop
    Show 'Network' on Desktop
    Always Show Menu Bars
    Show File Extensions
    Show Hidden Files & Folders
    Always Show Menu Bar
    Set Google as Search Provider
    Turn Off RSS feed discovery
    Turn On Clear Type
    Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads
    When a New tab Opens::'New Tab' Page
    When a pop-up is encountered::New Tab
    Administrative Tools::All Programs and Start Menu
    Disable User Account Control
    Disable Hibernation
    Disable Windows Error Reporting
    Don’t allow Windows to turn off devices

    -The untouched version is also there with only this tweak so that wpi will run: Disable User Account Control.
    -Also the untouched version Theme patched the themes will be there just not used. You know the same themes as always.


    Contact email to: downloadsuport191@gmail[dot]com for support all you need !
    [b] [/b]
    BK Pro thích bài này.
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    sao nhiều part thế biết bao giờ mới tải xog xài wifi thi chắc khỏi tải quá:cry:
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    bản này toàn 64bit thôi nhé. không thấy 32bit đâu cả. vs cả bản này đã mod lại rất nhiều. ai muốn đẹp thì có rất nhiều theme trên trang chủ của ms nhé.

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