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    MyPC 3.3 | 2.1 Mb

    MyPC is a professional and reliable application designed to provide you with basic hardware information about your computer.You will be able to view information about your CPU, folders, memory, display, BIOS and many others. It also features a control center much similar to the Control Panel of Windows.

    features :

    · System infos: OS version, Servicepack, IE version, DirectX u.s.w.
    · CPU data
    · System folders
    · Network: IP adress, Computer name, Workgroup, Online connection etc.
    · Memory load
    · Display infos
    · Power state (if relevant)
    · Current content of the clipboard,
    · Clear clipboard
    · Control center
    · Cleaner removes redundant files
    · Secure delete overwrites files
    · Fast file search etc.

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