Newblue Totalfx v3.0 (Mac OSX)

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    Newblue Totalfx v3.0 (Mac OSX)

    Newblue Totalfx v3.0 (Mac OSX) | 412.09 MB
    NewBlue TotalFX delivers over 1400 presets in 129 plugins in the most sweeping collection of titling, transitions and video effects available. Choose from the advanced compositing tools of Elements, the time-saving tools of Essentials, the color correcting techniques and aesthetics of Filters, the creative techniques in Stylizers, the cutting-edge scene-to-scene cuts of Transitions and the dynamic titling capabilities of Titler Pro 3, rich with additional Styles and Lower Thirds. This premium, all-encompassing suite of professional tools tackles practically every editing task hands down.
    Bundled Products

    Elements 3 Ultimate
    Elements 3 Ultimate presents a complete set 21 tools to accelerate compositing tasks.
    Essentials 3 Ultimate
    Essentials 3 Ultimate brings a full set of 24 essential video plugins to perfect your video.
    Filters 3 Ultimate
    Filters 3 Ultimate includes the complete set of 22 innovative video filters for the perfect look.
    Stylizers 3 Ultimate
    Stylizers 3 Ultimate delivers the optimal set of 23 stylistic video effects for your own style.
    Titler Pro 3 Ultimate
    Titler Pro 3 Ultimate delivers templates and features exclusive to After Effects.
    Transitions 3 Ultimate
    Transitions 3 Ultimate brings a comprehensive set of 37 premium wipes & transitions.
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    [ RG- ]
    [ K2SS ]

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