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Nik Software Complete Collection By Google v1.2.8 (Mac OSX)

Thảo luận trong 'Mac OS' bắt đầu bởi suskienan304, 3 Tháng mười hai 2014.

  1. suskienan304 Member Tích Cực


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    Nik Software Complete Collection By Google v1.2.8 (Mac OSX)

    Nik Software Complete Collection By Google v1.2.8 (Mac OSX)
    Nik Software Complete Collection By Google v1.2.8 (Mac OSX) | 592 MB
    Nik Software Complete Collection By Google v1.2.8 (Mac OSX)

    Complete Collection - the most complete collection of plug-ins from Nik Software companies using proprietary U Point, which allows you to subtly adjust the brightness, contrast, color saturation and other parameters of individual objects or areas of the photograph.
    Color Efex Pro 4 (
    Analog Efex Pro 2 (
    Dfine 2 (
    HDR Efex Pro 2 (
    Sharpener 3 (
    Silver Efex Pro 2 (
    Viveza 2 (
    What's new in 1.2.8
    ' Version number format changed, and added to all splash screens
    ' Improved loading speed
    ' Added option to send anonymous usage statistics to Google
    ' Added Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 support
    ' Fixed potential crash at startup related to GPU
    ' Fixed potential crash related to unavailable screen color profiles
    ' Fixed issues that could happen when loading very large images
    ' Fixed issues related to TIFF file handling
    ' Mac: compatibility update for Mac OS 10.9.5 and 10.10
    ' Mac: made interface animations smoother
    ' Analog Efex Pro 2: on-image editing in Double Exposure has been updated
    ' Analog Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4, Silver Efex Pro 2: Lightroom metadata hierarchy is now preserved
    ' Analog Efex Pro 2, Silver Efex Pro 2: fixed tiling and banding artifacts in specific setting combinations
    ' Color Efex Pro 4: fixed potential Photoshop crash caused by broken XML files
    ' HDR Efex Pro 2: fixed image display issue when toggling control point masks on and off
    ' HDR Efex Pro 2: fixed alignment issue for exposure series
    ' HDR Efex Pro 2: fixed an issue with Control Points being non-editible in Smart Objects
    ' Silver Efex Pro 2: fixed CMD+F/CTRL+F shortcut within Photoshop for re-applying previous filter effect
    System requirements:
    ' Mac' OS X versions 10.6.8 at 10.10
    ' Adobe Photoshop CS4 versions on CC (for HDR Efex Pro 2 requires version CS5 or higher)
    ' Adobe Photoshop Elements versions 9 and 12 (HDR Efex Pro 2 does not support Photoshop Elements)
    ' Adobe Photoshop Lightroom version 3 to 5
    ' Apple' Aperture' 3.1 and later versions
    Download Links:
    (Premium Recommended)

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