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    Nomad Factory MAGMA v1.6.4 WiN/MacOSX | 158 MB | 185 MB
    Team R2R 2013.09.13​

    Magma comes with 65 Effects. Featuring 1-rack-unit interfaces that can be loaded and rearranged using up to four racks, Magma also comes with a flexible routing matrix enabling serial, parallel or combined routings.

    Effects categories include Dynamics, Equalizers, Pre-Amps, Distortions, Reverbs, Delays, Modulation, Sequencers, Filters, Special FX, and Guitar FX.

    Magma's Virtual Studio Rack (VSR) technology enables users to stack dozens of interchangeable effects in a seemingly infinite number of combinations, all in one easy-to-use plug-in. Magma makes it easy to mix and match effects, create and recall unique chains, and process audio in unique ways. Using Magma is like having a Virtual Studio Rack with a large number of effects at your disposal.

    Features Overview:
    - Includes 65 high-quality, custom, unique effects racks.
    - New Modulation Matrix with 32 source/destination routings.
    - Modulation Matrix includes 8 LFOs, 8 programmable 16-stage envelopes, all tempo-synced.
    - VST Chainer that allows loading 3rd Party plug-ins.
    - Drag & Drop effects to any rack position.
    - Four Easy-to-use Virtual Racks.
    - Flexible Routing Matrix.
    - Presets Browser Window.
    - 600+ Factory Presets Included.
    - Serial Number Authorization (Up to Five Computers, no Challenge/Response, no dongle).

    Modulation Matrix
    The Modulation Matrix takes Magma to the next level of creativity and control by giving users 8 LFOs and 8 envelopes that can be freely assigned to any plug-in parameter within the rack. LFOs and envelopes can move knobs automatically for you without using automation, which will make your Magma FX racks spring to life.

    - 8 Freely Assignable LFOs.
    - 8 Freely Assignable Envelopes.
    - Move any knob in any rack automatically without automation.
    - Control Assign allows for quick One-Click LFO/Envelope assignment.
    - Right-click any parameter within a rack for a quick assignment.
    - Create complex FX machines that were previously unimaginable.

    VST Chainer

    The VST Chainer opens up Magma to the vast universe of 3rd party VST audio plug-ins. Each VST Chainer allows up to 8 VST audio plug-ins to be loaded simultaneously per rack. With 16 different rack spaces, Magma can host up to 16 VST Chainers, which results in a whopping 128 simultaneous 3rd party effects. Mix and match internal Magma FX racks with 3rd party FX and save your favorite combinations for later use.

    - Load your favorite 3rd party VST Plug-ins into Magma.
    - Pop-up editor to access the original plug-in's GUI.
    - Chain up to 8 effects together per rack, multiplied by 16 total racks = up to 128 simultaneous effects.
    - Mix and match internal Magma FX with 3rd party VSTs.
    - Save and Recall your favorite VST Chainer combinations.

    note: The one by iND will expire after longer usage.

    Changes in v1.6.4:

    Fixed compatibility problem with Cubase.
    Fixed latency problem on some plug-ins.
    Fixed minor bugs.

    home page:

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