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OS X Yosemite Install DVD 10.10.1

Thảo luận trong 'Mac OS' bắt đầu bởi cailonhoxiu9x, 30 Tháng mười một 2014.

  1. cailonhoxiu9x

    cailonhoxiu9x Member Tích Cực

    OS X Yosemite Install DVD 10.10.1
    OS X Yosemite Install DVD 10.10.1
    OS X Yosemite Install DVD 10.10.1 for installation on VMware Workstation | 6.01 GB
    This was created for those of you that would rather skip all the hassles of installing a fresh OS onto a newly formatted volume. This virgin OS has never been booted yet and will require you to create a user account. To restore this onto a Mac GUID partitioned volume: Use Apple's Disk Utility to restore it to a fresh volume or your favourite disk copying tool.
    OS X Yosemite Install DVD 10.10.1
    An elegant design that feels entirely fresh, yet inherently familiar. The apps you use every day, enhanced with new features. And a completely new relationship between your Mac and iOS devices. OS X Yosemite changes how you see your Mac.
    Heres what youll love about OS X Yosemite:
    A fresh look for your Mac
    The Dock has a sleek new design with instantly recognizable icons.
    A beautiful new system font is crisp and easy to read.
    Translucency gives you a sense of whats in, or behind, your window.
    Streamlined toolbars free up space for your content.
    Handoff. Pick up where you left off.
    Start an activity on your Mac and finish it on your iPhone or iPad or vice versa.
    Use Handoff with Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Contacts, and other apps.
    iPhone calls. Now on your Mac.
    Make and receive calls on your Mac even when your iPhone is in the next room.
    Just click a phone number you see in Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Spotlight, or Safari to make a call.
    SMS. Those green text messages on your iPhone? Theyre now on your Mac, too.
    All of your messages now appear on all of your devices.
    Send and receive SMS text messages right from your Mac.
    Instant Hotspot gives you the Internet anywhere.
    Easily activate the personal hotspot on your iPhone right from your Mac.
    Connect to your personal hotspot without taking your iPhone out of your pocket or bag.
    AirDrop. Now between Mac and iOS devices, too.
    Share files to another Mac or to an iOS device, even when you dont have an internet connection.
    New Today view in Notification Center.
    Handy widgets give you quick access to up-to-the-minute calendar, weather, and stock information.
    Add widgets from the Mac App Store.
    Spotlight. Now even brighter.
    Spotlight has a new design that delivers rich, interactive previews to your desktop.
    Get results from your Mac and from Wikipedia, news, Maps, movies, iTunes, and more.
    Convert currencies and units of measure right in Spotlight.
    Safari is sleeker and smarter.
    Favorites view makes your favorite websites easily accessible.
    Spotlight suggestions provide handy information snippets from Wikipedia, Maps, and more when you search.
    Advanced energy-saving technologies let you watch Netflix for up to three hours longer.
    New features in Mail.
    Markup lets you fill out and sign a PDF form or annotate an image without leaving Mail.
    Mail Drop lets you send messages of up to 5GB without worrying about whether theyll get through.
    Enhancements to Messages.
    Give titles to your ongoing group conversations to make them easier to find.
    Add participants to a group conversation no need to start a new one.
    Start a screen sharing session right from a conversation.
    iCloud Drive. Any kind of file. On all your devices.
    Store any file in iCloud and access it from your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or even a Windows PC.
    iCloud Drive is built right into Finder and lets you organize files any way you want.
    See files from your iOS apps right on your Mac.
    Family Sharing makes it easy for your family to enjoy your content.
    Up to six members of a family can share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases without sharing accounts.
    Parents can approve kids' purchase and free download requests with Ask to Buy.
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