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    PaintCode v1.3.2 [MAS][k'ed] | 6.62 MB

    Designing an attractive, resolution independent user interface is hard, especially if you have to program your drawing code. PaintCode is a simple vector drawing app that instantly generates resolution-independent Objective-C and C#/MonoTouch drawing code.

    You no longer have to tweak and recompile your drawing code over and over again to achieve the desired result. With PaintCode, a graphic designer with no programming experience can draw beautiful controls, icons and other user interface elements, and the app automatically generates code that is equally beautiful.

    • Prepared for the world of high resolution displays
    • Drawing canvas can be switched to a "Retina display" mode with a single click

    Basic shapes
    • Rectangles, rounded rectangles, ovals, béziers, polygons, stars and texts
    • Boolean operations

    Live Code Generation
    • Generates OS X, iOS and C#/MonoTouch drawing code instantly
    • The generated code is simple, readable and straightforward
    • The generated code uses Quartz and Core Graphics APIs
    • Maintains dynamic relationships between colors, gradients and shadows
    • Syntax highlighting

    Dynamic shapes
    • Shape coordinates and dimensions can be dynamically linked to user-defined frames
    • You can define resizing behavior for each Bezier control point separately

    Dynamic Colors, Gradients and Shadows
    • Colors, shadows and gradients can be reused in your document
    • They can be adjusted at any time, and all affected shapes are updated instantly

    • SVG import
    • PSD import (module available as an in-app purchase) allows you to import layer graphics, paths, texts and groups from Adobe Photoshop documents.

    • Basic and derived colors
    • New colors can be derived from the existing ones by changing their opacity, hue, brightness, etc.
    • Relationships between colors are dynamic
    • All derived colors are updated automatically when their basic color changes

    • Multistep color gradients
    • Easy to use editor
    • Linear and circular gradients

    • Inner and outer shadows

    • Retina and non-Retina versions
    • Can be used to fill shapes

    Smart groups
    • Custom resizing behavior of group content
    • Blend Modes and clips
    • Group shadow and opacity

    What's New in Version 1.3.2

    - Countless PSD and SVG import improvements
    - Shadow opacity can now be changed directly in the shadow editing popover
    - Better code generation
    - Performance improvements
    - Bug fixes

    Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


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