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Games [PC] Mass Effect 3 [ 2016 / Hành động nhập vai / full 10 Gb ]

Thảo luận trong 'Game Offline' bắt đầu bởi leanhkyhg, 10 Tháng một 2017.

  1. leanhkyhg Member Danh Tiếng


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    Mass Effect 3 is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Officially announced on December 11, 2010, the game is scheduled for a March 6, 2012 release and will mark the final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy of video games, completing the story of Commander Shepard.
    Gameplay in Mass Effect 3 will be influenced by decisions from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and have settings throughout the galaxy, including Earth and Mars. Combat has been changed and refined; in particular, the cover system has been improved, there will be more options for moving around the battlefield, instant melee kills and more conventional grenades will be introduced as well as improved artificial intelligence. A four player multiplayer co-op mode will also be available.
    Mass Effect 3 will follow from the events of the Mass Effect 2 DLC expansion Arrival and follows Commander Shepard's mission to save the galaxy from the Reapers by rallying civilizations of the galaxy together, while also having to deal with Cerberus, who have decided to turn against him/her.
    70-page album artwork from BioWare (digital version)
    -Lithography with images of Normandy (digital version)
    -Soundtrack (digital version)
    -Limited Edition comic explanation of Mass Effect from Dark Horse Comics (digital version)
    -Additional character and mission (for download)
    -A set of avatars (virtual object)
    -Arsenal N7-feel the firepower of sniper rifle, shotgun, pistol-machine gun and pistol. (in-game item)
    -Satellite "Robopes" — surest companion will accompany you on the "Normandy". (in-game item)
    -A set of alternate outfits — a new appearance to your companions. (in-game item)
    -Sweatshirt N7-comfortable clothes for the captain to "Normandy". (in-game item)
    Languages: English, Russian



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