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    alient is an ultra responsive, beautiful WordPress theme that is perfect for freelancers, photographers, designers and creative agencies alike. Its stunning design and layout capabilities will give your portfolio pieces the attention they deserve.
    Version 2.6:
    -Fixed Nectar Slider resize bug when loop was turned off
    -Fixed Home Slider from showing the words “left” & “right” on first load in mobile devices
    -Fixed webkit browsers from selecting font weights that don’t exist in the typography options tab
    -Fixed video lightbox in Nectar Sliders set to loop
    -Added responsive video iframe sizing function to eliminate black bars & allow ratios other than 16:9
    -Fixed IE bug that stopped WooCommerce add to cart button from showing
    -Fixed multiple tabbed sections on same bug error
    -Fixed Portfolio items hovering completely black when resizing window to mobile view and not reloading
    -Added styling for WooCommerce login on mobile



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