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Sonic Academy ANA v1.02-UNION full Thuốc - Mang thế giới Hi-Fi tới ngôi nhà bạn

Thảo luận trong 'Multimedia' bắt đầu bởi vncrack.us, 27 Tháng ba 2012.

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    Sonic Academy ANA v1.02-UNION - Software full

    ANA has been designed from the ground up to create all the sounds you hear in modern and classic electronic music. It is designed to be extremely user friendly and intuitive. Everything is set out clearly and with a logical flow. In the coming weeks we will continue to support the plugin with tutorials to help you really understand the fundamentals of good sound design and enable you to create sounds you never before thought possible.

    We believe that a great sounding main synth is Mã to great sounding productions but for too long these type of products have been priced out of reach for most aspiring producers. With ANA we aim to change that!

    Unique customisable Envelope
    ANA contains a graphical envelope which allows you to simply draw in your envelope shape using your mouse. This allows for unique and extreme envelope shapes which are great for creating drum / percussion sounds, fx risers or for a simple customised lead / bass sound.

    Intuitive Design
    It's intuitive interface design makes designing your own patches a doddle and with features such as the G-Envelope you can create FX sounds and kick drums in an instant. Simply right click to add in new points for endless shapes and possibilities..

    Hundreds of presets to get you started
    ANA comes bundled with over 250 unique presets subdivided into different categories of sound.. These categories include Bass, Lead, Plucks, Pads, Stabs, Strings, Atmospheres, Risers, FX & Drums and have subdivisions of genre covering House, Trance, Electro, Dubstep & Techno. These patches have been created by our professional Sonic Academy Tutors, DJ's and Producers with decades of experience between them and have been focused on the modern cutting edge sounds heard in todays biggest hits.

    4 Oscillators with 57 Different waveform types
    OSC 1 & 2 can have 8 voices per OSC with width and detune
    13 Filtered types including Vintage Analog and Formant (Talky) Models
    ADSR Filter, and Amp Envelopes with switchable curves
    ADSR Assignable Envelop with 27 targets
    Graphical Envelope - 16 nodes asignable to 27 Targets
    Chord Hold - Memorise up to 5 notes for instant one finger playback
    2 Low Frequency Oscillators with 7 waveform types, 2 outputs each with 27 targets
    2 Modulation sections with 9 sources and 27 targets
    FX Section with 10 Fx types including - Phaser, Chorus, Amp Sim, Exciter, Clip Distortion, Decimator, Compressor, Bass Enhancer, Delay and Reverb.
    Legato and Slide Mode
    Preview - playback midi sequence while browsing patches to get a better idea of the sound.
    250 Presets included

    System requirements:
    - Windows 7 , Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 Bit)
    - Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 512 MB RAM
    - Mac OS X 10.5 or later (32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM (No PPC)
    ANA comes in 2 formats
    - Windows - VST 32/64 Bit
    - Mac OSX - VST & AU 32/64 Bit

    Version 1.02
    Fixes and Bugs

    Separated GUI from DSP - Improves graphic performance on all systems
    Changed Registration Folder - should eliminate any users having registration problems.
    Fixed LFO 2 Automation Mappings.
    Fixed Crash with some 3rd party plugin libraries.
    Fixed Midi CC all notes off… stops note hangs.
    Fixed Issue with T-Racks, Rob Papen Conflicting library
    Increased the performance on Windows 64-bit

    New Standard Waves

    New Noise Waves
    Crispy Noise
    Cheap Choir

    New Presets (38)

    Bassic Crispy Mini
    Blendive 1
    Blendive 2
    Blendive 3
    Blendive 4
    Blendive 5
    Blendive 6
    Blendive 7
    Blender 1
    Blender 2
    Blender 3
    Blender 4
    Blender 5
    Blender 6
    Blender 7
    Saw Strings 1
    Saw Strings 2
    Cheap Choir
    Melo Pad 1
    Melo Pad 2
    Melo Pad 3
    mmmm Liara
    Phaser Shimmer Pad
    Simple Shimmer Pad
    Normandy Pad
    Mass Relay Pad
    Acid Dist Funk
    Metal Drum
    Pulse Pluck
    Simple Pluck 6
    Simple Pluck 7
    Simple Pluck 8
    Simple Pluck 9
    Mute Guitar
    Shuttle Craft Fly By
    Dutch Chords 2
    Hot Right Now

    Download: Sonic Academy ANA v1.02-UNION Full Thuốc
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