Tri-BACKUP 6.4.4 Mac OS X

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    Tri-BACKUP 6.4.4 (Mac OS X) | 10.4 MB

    Tri-BACKUP is a backup utility that automatically saves your data (from a single folder to an entire disk), synchronize folders, and creates and maintains bootable copy of your disk.

    Multiples modes: copy, backup, synchronize, remove, compress, compare, etc.
    Different backup modes: Evolutive (saves successive versions of each document), Mirror (identical copy), Incremental partial backup, Disk Copy, etc.
    Programmed Actions executed in background, with automatic scheduling.
    Immediate Actions to precisely control what must be copied, deleted,or modified.
    Automatic mount of remote volumes.
    And much more.

    What's New Version 6.4.4


    Various minor enhancements and interface changes.


    Modification of the detection of the number of users of the serial number.
    Fixed a rare issue when deleting items on specific FTP servers.
    Various minor corrections.

    Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later


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