Nhóm New Upload Windows 7 Embedded SP1 Compact by aleks200059 (HDD + USB) (x86x64) (2014) [ENG + RUS]

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    Đặng Văn Sơn

    Year / Date of Release : 2014
    Version : 7 embedded
    By assembling : aleks200059
    Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
    Language : English Russian
    Tabletka : Present

    System requirements :
    Computer Memory preferably from 1 GB Installation dimensions systems 3 and 5 GB of disk space USB port

    Description : Drive on the basis of previously issued Win7PE with a small addition and two wim package to install on the external and internal disk of Windows 7 SP1 skomplektovat of designer Embedded full functionality inherent in Windows 7 and in this case no different stuff that are crammed with releases from small assemblies produced with the lack of WMP (MediaPlayer) By replacing the default put PotPlayer
    In systems full update on the relevance today. No stupid cleansing and other rubbish in the style ala Lopatkin systems not naburovleno. Clean the assembly with a clean condition for reliable and stable operation

    Installation via WinNTSetup
    Similarly equipped system composition. x86 and x64 bit
    Unlike WinPE - complemented by a pair of scissors and RusTVPlayer
    Unlike Windows from the previous distribution - supplemented voice services Parental control for games, etc. to fully functional systems
    When installing a choice statement in English or Russian language system operation
    When you run x64 pops up error handling ie4init memory which is then in no way affects

    MD5 : a3bd1b8a5c44c1e5139391687df7f1af

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    bản win này lạ ta có thể tả sơ lược bản win này khác những gì với những bản win thường như Pro chẳng hạng. trên toàn tiếng ăn ko hiễu @@
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    xin chủ bài viết nói sơ qua về bản Win này đc ko vậy?.... Thank !

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