Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 IE10+ RUS-ENG x86-x64 KMS-activation

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    Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 IE10+ RUS-ENG x86-x64 KMS-activation | 4.36 GB

    This assembly is the successor of the assembly Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 RUS-ENG x86-x64-8in1-KMS-activation (AIO). It is distinguished from its predecessor is that the current assembly includes updates as of May 21, 2013, plus some extra chips. And, of course, you have noticed that in the current assembly I have been limited to the editorship of Enterprise, in order to fit on a standard disc release DVD5. Release of this assembly, meanwhile, does not mean that its predecessor lost relevance. For those who prefer to work with assemblies as close as possible to the original distribution, it is still relevant! In developing the same assembly that is presented here, I walked away a little from its principles include the reluctance of the foreign application. On this below ...
    Thus, the assembly includes two Russian edition and 2 English version of Windows 7 SP1 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) kernel:
    - Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 Russian
    - Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 English
    - Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x86 Russian
    - Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x86 English
    The efficiency of the assembly as far as possible thoroughly verified.
    After installation, you get a fully registered and activated version of Windows 7 Enterprise chosen modifications.

    Year: 2013
    Version: 6.1.7601.17514
    Developer: Microsoft
    By assembling: m0nkrus
    Release date assembly: May 25, 2013
    Platform: x86-x64
    Language: English + Russian
    The medicine: not required (the installer is already disinfected)
    System requirements:
    * 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz.
    * 1 GB of RAM.
    * Support for DirectX 9 interface with the driver WDDM, at least 128 MB of graphics memory, Pixel Shader 2.0 in color and 32 bits / pixel.
    Hard disk capacity of 40 GB to 16 GB of free disk space.
    * Drive for DVD-ROM drive.
    * Audio output capability.
    * Internet access.

    Contact email to: downloadsuport191@gmail[dot]com for support all you need !
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