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Windows 8 FINAL AIO 90in1 (x86/x64) Multilingual

Thảo luận trong 'Windows 8, 8.1' bắt đầu bởi photoshop, 21 Tháng tám 2013.

  1. photoshop

    photoshop Banned

    Microsoft Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1 (x86/x64) – (English / German / Spanish / French / Italian) | 6.20 GB

    This is the Original Microsoft Windows 8 Final (x86/x64) ISO from Microsoft. Including 90 Version of windows 8 in 5 Languages (English, German, Spanish, French , Italian).
    Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows, an operating system from Microsoft, for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablets, media center PCs. Windows 8 introduces significant changes to the operating system’s platform, primarily focused towards improving its experience on mobile devices such as tablets to rival other mobile operating systems (such as Android and iOS), taking advantage of new and emerging technologies (such as USB 3.0, UEFI firmware, near field communications, cloud computing, and the low-power ARM architecture), new security features (such as malware filtering, built-in antivirus software, and support for secure boot, a controversial UEFI feature which requires operating systems to be digitally signed to prevent malware from infecting the boot process), along with other changes and performance improvements.

    Windows 8 is all about you
    Put what matters most right on your Start screen. Get instant access to your people, apps, and stuff, so you can spend less time searching and more time doing. Windows 8 is smooth, intuitive, and designed to let you do what you want, the way you want.
    Windows 8 Pro gives you everything in Windows 8 plus enhanced features that help you easily connect to company networks, access files on the go, encrypt your data, and more.

    * NO tweaks or add-ons.
    * NO additional programs and software added.
    * NO graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed.
    * Its just the original image from Microsoft except updates and languages!

    Installations included:
    -Windows 8 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 N 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -indows 8 Pro 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Pro N 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Pro VL 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 PRO N VL 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Enterprise 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Enterprise N 32-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 64-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 N 64-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Pro 64-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Pro N 64-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Pro VL 64-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 PRO N VL 64-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit in 5 Languages
    -Windows 8 Enterprise N 64-bit in 5 Languages

    I have personally tested every install on this ISO. It should not require a setup key as there is a skip button, but if it does, I have included some default install keys. I have not verified them as working. Use them at your own risk. I tested a different language for each install.''

    System requirements
    1 GHz processor or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
    2 GB RAM / 20 GB available hard disk space
    1366 × 768 screen resolution
    DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver
    To use touch, you need a PC that supports multitouch

    NOTE: Turn off connection during installation

    HomePage: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/home

    Contact email to: downloadsuport191@gmail[dot]com for support all you need !
    [b]Uploaded.net [/b]
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9wiigha/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part01.rar
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9wij8xq/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part02.rar
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9wijlfi/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part03.rar
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9wijf4e/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part04.rar
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9wijf7y/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part05.rar
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9wij8ri/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part06.rar
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9whw5mm/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part07.rar
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9whwlda/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part08.rar
    http://extabit.com/file/279mry9wijf8e/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part09.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666hel/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part01.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666h3o/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part02.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666h6l/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part03.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666ha1/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part04.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666h9k/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part05.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666h9z/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part06.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666ha5/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part07.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666h8u/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part08.rar
    http://dizzcloud.com/dl/1666hdz/Windows 8 Final AIO 90in1.x86x64.part09.rar

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