Windows Firewall Control - Kiểm soát tường lửa của Windows

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    Windows Firewall Control là phần mềm miễn phí kiểm soát tường lửa của Windows. Nó bảo vệ những ứng dụng, tài liệu của các bạn trước việc máy tính tham gia nối mạng và cho phép bạn kiểm soát kẽ hở thông tin cá nhân qua truyền thông mạng bởi các chức năng ứng dụng và kiểm soát của chương trình…

    Quản lý và đồng bộ hóa những kết nối tiêu chuẩn (firewall/router), đánh giá và linh hoạt trong việc trao đổi thông tin giữa các ứng dụng của máy bạn và môi trường mạng.

    What's new in version

    • New: The program has now two components: wfc.exe (GUI) and wfcs.exe (Windows Service).
    • New: Administrative privileges are no more required to run the program because all
    the tasks are done by the WFCS service under LocalSystem account. Elevated privileges
    are still required at installation or update.
    • New: Multiple rules can have the same name.
    • New: Multiple selection in Manage Rules is supported.
    • New: Multiple deletion in Manage Rules is supported.
    • New: The state of Manage Rules is saved on close and restored on reopen.
    • New: Editing of a rule in Manage Rules supports the adding of a description.
    • New: A notification alert allows the user to choose a rule name before create the new rule.
    • New: Validations of the parameters of a new rule are made before it's creation.
    • New: Selection of multiple executable files from the same folder is now allowed. In this
    way a user can create multiple firewall rules, all together, for programs which require to
    allow/block multiple executable files.
    • New: Learning Mode has a new item: "Enable notifications for system applications".
    If this one is checked you will receive notifications including for "System" and "svchost.exe".
    If this remains unchecked you will receive notifications only for other programs.
    • Improved: Learning Mode can remember the blocking rules previously created. If a user
    creates a rule to block something, he won't be notified again for the same connection.
    • Improved: Start with Windows does not use Task Scheduler anymore.
    • Improved: Lock feature does not rely on GroupPolicy anymore or Windows Registry entries.
    • Improved: When searching for invalid rules, if they are found, they are automatically selected.
    • Improved: Due to the use of Windows Presentation Foundation, the program has no more
    problems with the scaling on high DPI settings.
    • And many many more...

    System Requirements

    Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0
    Compatible with all 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
    The following Windows services are required to be enabled for Windows Firewall Control to run:
    "Windows Firewall", "TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper", "Workstation" and "DNS Client".

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