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Windows Pirate 10 Edition (Windows Cướp Biển 10 bản Lite (x86) 0.99GB

Thảo luận trong 'Windows 10' bắt đầu bởi mylove2501, 6 Tháng hai 2015.

  1. mylove2501 Member Tích Cực


    Lượt xem: 3,353

    Torrent Name :- Windows Pirate 10 Edition 6.4.9860
    Size :- 0.98 GB
    Release year: 2014
    Version: Windows Pirate 10 Edition 6.4.9860
    Author: BossKanae Sys
    Platform: x86
    Compatibility with Vista: complete
    Language: English
    cr@ck: None
    System requirements:
    CPU - 1 ggz
    RAM - 1-2 gb
    HDD - 4-6 gb
    Video - c DirectX 9.0
    Display - 1024 x 768
    Short description:
    Four mini assembly in one shop with and without, on the basis
    9860.0.141008-2044.clientpro_ret_x86-x64fre_en-us.esd, integrated
    from 9841 (thanks to the team), gadgets,
    Framework 2.0-3.5, Four updates, including support for older games.
    Installing in English or for choice.
    - With a store
    Remove all software subway and cloud photo, Defender, and does cut the maximum
    player, tablets, speech manuscript, Hyper-V, virtualization, home. group,
    group policy, all protocols, languages and fonts cache winsxs ...
    leaving Metrostroy, shop, camera settings, registration, PowerShell, mail,
    on-screen keyboard, parental control, network printing, flash,
    indexation (disabled in the service) ...
    no store-XX
    Remove extra store, camera, all Metrostroy parameters, registration,
    PowerShell, mail, on-screen keyboard, parental control, network printing ...
    1st minimum configuration for the store, 2nd minimum configuration for Start.
    Group home and connect through a remote table is not in both.
    Only for desktop PCs, touch screen keyboard is not ...
    Removed : With a store
    Drivers for modems (except base and Nokia), printers (except HP, GE, OLED, MS),
    all applications subway, Defender, tablets, speech, handwriting, HomeGroup,
    terminals, telnet, connect through a remote table, IME, group policy,
    other languages and fonts, wallpapers, ringtones, HyperV, all protocols,
    virtualization, and the player does cut the maximum, cache winsxs ...
    Leaving Metrostroy, shop, registration, settings, mail, PowerShell,
    onscreen keyboard, indexing, parental control, network printing, flash player ...
    - no store-XX
    Remove extra store, camera, all Metrostroy parameters, registration,
    PowerShell, mail, on-screen keyboard, parental control, network printing ...
    Swapping, hibernation, indexing (with a shop) - disabled, UAC at a minimum for
    the work shop (with in store). No gaming and other additives, except the gadget.
    Before installing the printer put on the machine and start the Print Manager,
    Installing from a CD-DVD drive or USB drive
    1 - Windows Pirate 10 Edition
    Files: 39712
    Folder: 2532
    Size after unpacking: 2172 MB
    Information for downloaders
    Assembly, as well as all previous and future, does not pursue any
    commercial purposes.
    Compilation released in order to familiarize with the capabilities of
    old and new Windows systems developed MS.
    Therefore, for all use of the software author is not responsible.
    Compilation released "AS IS" and download on your own volition and at
    their own risk.

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  2. ketoanmoi

    ketoanmoi Member Chính Thức


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