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    Windows The Avengers XP SP 3 (Eng/x86/October 2013), wow the newest update again from windows modified xp has been released today. This version especially released super hero edition? why super hero? cause this included theme and icon all of superhero in The Avengers, i’m sure you already know what is Avengers if you don’t know, just see picture below. From this version that we shared it has been included Microsoft update October 2013, and like the other there are some additional and remove feature. Make your Super Hero be your OS just by downloading this OS from this site.

    Windows The Avengers XP SP3 2013

    Windows The Avengers XP SP3 2013 (Eng/x86/October 2013)
    • Released : October 2013
    • Languange : English,French,Arabic
    • Medicine : Include – PreActivated
    • Code File : th.4vngr2013
    • Publisher : Microsoft/Modified
    • Size : 615 Mb



    What is the Feature of This OS?
    • in this version also included some new software that can support your OS performance, and all of theme has activated software. (Some of them : ultra iso,net frame work,chrome avengers plus a new shape to surf the Internet with the speed and safety,internet download manger,ccleaner,winrar,skype)
    • This os will not make your PC Performance be slower than before
    • Some feature also has been removed, to make it better.
    • This OS only included 3 languages : French,English,Arabic
    • Fix in bug that make paralyze the windows.
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