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[4sVN] Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.0 Windows


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Whether you create music or sound for picture, the right tools can help you achieve the highest quality mixes faster. Pro Tools 10 is the next generation of the best sounding, most widely-used audio production software in the industry, enabling you to record, compose, edit, and mix with great speed and ease.

Go bigger with Pro Tools HD 10

For projects that demand the utmost in sound quality and performance, Pro Tools HD software enables you to compose, record, edit, and mix big productions quickly and easily. The software comes with Pro Tools|HDX and Pro Tools|HD Native systems only. What’s more, you get all of the same benefits of Pro Tools software 10 along with several additional features and workflows

Mix it up—at higher resolutions

With Pro Tools 10, you can mix multiple audio file formats and bit depths within the same session— including interleaved—without any file duplication to cause project bloat.

Plus, with support for 32-bit floating-point file formats, you’ll get higher resolution sound when recording or importing, with more headroom to preserve the integrity of your audio from beginning to end.

Drive faster—with better performance

Gain better recording and playback performance when working on a laptop with an external drive or a network-attached storage device. Speed up editing and mixing with Clip Gain. Work more easily with AudioSuite-rendered clips. Get 4x more* Automatic Delay Compensation and 2x more busses to handle bigger mixes with more plug-ins. And get snappier performance when working on sessions with lots of fades.

Plug into legendary sound.

With the included Avid Channel Strip plug-in, you get the renowned channel strip of the Avid (formerly Euphonix) System 5, one of the most sought-after consoles used to create some of the greatest mixes ever produced. Work with exact replications of the console’s EQ and compression algorithms to add life to your mix

Pro Tools HD 10 — new features

* Get all of the same great new features of Pro Tools 10 software
* Create way bigger mixes, with up to 768 voiceable audio tracks and 512 aux tracks*
* Get highly responsive recording and playback performance with the extended disk cache, which loads entire sessions into RAM
* Connect with up to 12 Pro Tools HD-based systems using Satellite Link
* Get improved workflows for field recorders
* Control two Pro Tools HD-based systems with a D-Command console in Multi-mode
* Get more tracks and streaming support when using Avid ISIS

Pro Tools HD 10 — additional features

Get top-quality sound and performance with Avid hardware

Because Pro Tools HD is designed and optimized to be part of an integrated hardware/software solution, you can capture audio in pristine clarity with near-zero latency. Even when mixing large, complex projects, you’ll experience uncompromised performance—on a Pro Tools|HDX DSP-powered system or on the host with Pro Tools|HD Native.

Record and edit with advanced audio tools

Record solo tracks in PFL (pre-fader listen) or AFL (after-fader listen) mode. Work more efficiently when punching performances with TrackPunch and DestructivePunch. Enhance and speed up editing tasks with Continuous Scrolling, Scrub Trim tool, Replace Clip command, Time Compression and Expansion Edit to Timeline Selection command, field recorder workflows, and more.

Work more easily with video

Edit and mix sound for larger, more complex video productions, and display up to 64 video tracks in the timeline. Expand your post capabilities with advanced video features. Including multiple video playlists and basic video editing tools. Share audio mixes with Media Composer editors (and vice-versa) through AAF. Or integrate directly into the Media Composer workflow with the Video Satellite option, eliminating the need to render effects, transcode video, or copy files.

Mix in stereo or surround

With Pro Tools HD, you can mix in everything from mono up to 7.1 surround sound. Build up your sonic landscape and add movement to your mix with the built-in surround panner. Work with groups of tracks faster and easier with VCA Group mixing. And with advanced automation tools, you can tackle even the largest, most complex mixes with ease.

Pro Tools HD 10 System Requirements

Windows Systems
* Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer (see details)
* System Software (32 or 64-bit) Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate edition with Windows 7 Service Pack 1
* Total System RAM: 4GB minimum, 8GB (or more) recommended

Additional Requirements
* Pro Tools|HD Audio Interfaces (required) and Peripherals (see details)
* Audio Drive Requirements: One or More Hard Disk Drives Dedicated for Audio Record and Playback (see details)
* System Hard Drive: Minimum 15GB free space on startup drive required for Pro Tools installation
* Graphics Card: Dedicated Graphics Card highly recommended (see details)
* Video Peripherals (see details)
* Avid Shared Storage and Interplay (see details)

Pro Tools Software Options
* Video Satellite with Media Composer (see details)
* Machine Control (see details)
* Satellite Link (see details)
* Video Satellite LE (see details)

* Media Composer Co-install (see details)
* Mac Aggregate Device Info (see details)

Driver Updates
* Please download and install the latest drivers for your hardware.


Languages : English (US), French, German, Japanese, Chinese ( Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Spanish.


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Hehe. Em giúp forum càng ngày đông vui mừ.

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Welcome, friends, to WebdesignerDepot’s first monthly WordPress plugin roundup of 2014.
If there’s a word which i would use to spell it out the WordPress community, it’s this: huge. It must come as not surprising, then, that you have plugins being released and updated daily. A lot of them bring features that any of us all wish WordPress had automagically. A number of them might only be useful to any given website creator once within their lifetime.
Either way, there’s a lot to explore, and every month, I’ll be writing about the freshest plugins making their way to avoid it of beta.
Now, without further ado, here’s this month’s batch of eye-catching plugins:
Best Wordpress Plugins

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