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[4SVN] Ontrack EasyRecovery Enterprise


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Kroll Ontrack offers both home users and businesses Ontrack® EasyRecovery�, a complete do-it-yourself (DIY) solution, to protect, recover and erase data. Ontrack EasyRecovery protects your data stored on hard disk or SSD storage with proactive monitoring of your disk to prevent downtime and data loss.
Ontrack EasyRecovery software is able to recover files that are damaged or deleted, as well as retrieve data formatted or corrupt volumes - even initialized disks. The intuitive DIY software features a wizard-driven interface, allowing even the most novice users to easily recover data.
Ontrack EasyRecovery software is offered in versions for Windows® and Mac®, and is available in annually renewable licenses. All versions perform unlimited recoveries local storage and external media, and work on all drive types.
Ontrack EasyRecovery 11 Enterprise
The most advanced edition of Ontrack EasyRecovery with network recovery support for companies that need to protect multiple workstations. Now equipped with data erase and data protection features. The Enterprise Edition provides user with VMware® support for recovery and permanent deletions of data. This software is also equipped with hardware and software RAID recovery support and an enhanced set of recovery tools, including: mail recovery, hex viewer, S.M.A.R.T., bad block/block usage diagnostics, imaging tools, copy disk and refresh disk.
Data Recovery Note: To preserve the drive with the deleted files, all recovered files must be saved to another storage device or another drive letter in the system. Do not the software to the drive that you want to recover. Depending on your data loss situation, file recovery software is recommended only when your hardware or computer system is functioning properly. If your hard drive is making unusual noises (e.g. clicking), has been physically damaged, or shows other signs of mechanical failure, data recovery services are recommended.
Data Erasure Note: Erasing the system drive is not supported. For full business protection of deleted data, Kroll Ontrack recommends Ontrack® Eraser solutions.
Lower Cost. Better Results.
Recover data local/external hard drives (HDD/SSD), optical and digital media, tablet devices and mobile phones. With Ontrack EasyRecovery software, you can save your important files, e-mails, documents, databases, photos, music and video files. It can even recover files virtual environments (Enterprise Edition only).
Ontrack EasyRecovery software has the ability to scan all volumes in a local machine and build a directory tree of lost and deleted files. Users can search lost and deleted files matching file name criteria. The fast scanning engine builds a file list quickly with an intuitive file manager and typical save file dialog.
The recoveHrable files have the ability to be previewed. All recovery operations are secure as the software does not write recovered data onto the drive it is scanning. As a target for your recovered data, users can select any drive, including network drives and removable media. The standard write system API minimizes the chance of disk corruption, and there is no limitation to file and drive size.
Ontrack EasyRecovery Software Advantages
* Supports: Microsoft Windows® 95, Microsoft Windows® 98, Microsoft Windows® NT, Microsoft Windows® ME,
Microsoft Windows® 2000, Microsoft Windows® XP, Microsoft Windows® Vista�, Microsoft Windows® 2003,
Microsoft Windows® 7/Windows 8 all versions of Microsoft Windows® Server
* Easy-to-use, fully automated wizard that walks the user through the program
* Data protection through standard write system API, which minimizes the chance of disk corruption
* Proactive monitoring of hard drive health (HDD/SSD)
* Securely and permanently deletes data
* Supports recovery of VMDK files stored on local file systems (Enterprise Edition)
* Supports permanently deleting files and folders a virtual disk (Enterprise Edition )
* Recovers data FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS 5 file systems
* Recovers data Linux Ext2/Ext3 file systems
* Network support for recovering remote systems (Enterprise Edition)
* Hardware RAID and software RAID recovery, including stripe sets and mirrored drives (Enterprise Edition)
* Recovers an emptied recycle bin, command line and within Windows Explorer
* No file and drive size limitations associated with a DOS based programs
* Formatted drive recovery
* Lost partition recovery
* Can recover files based on unique signature allowing for recovery RAW data
* Recovers all types of digital media, HDD/SSD drives, flash memory devices, external USB media and
all other types of removable media
* Preview files before recovery
* Supports SATA/IDE/SCSI
* Supports CD/DVD media recovery (ISO9660/UDF combined with ISO9660) and Oracle® Linux media (Ext2/3)
Windows System Requirements
* Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7/Windows 8.
* 1 GHz or faster Intel processor
* Minimum of 512 Mb RAM. The more RAM memory that is available will improve data recovery performance
* Storage drive or network drive at least as large as the amount of data you wish to recover

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Đang cần tìm phần mềm nào tốt 1 chút để phục hồi cho cái thẻ nhớ của mình đây hehe.:still_dreaming:


Thành viên BQT
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Đang cần tìm phần mềm nào tốt 1 chút để phục hồi cho cái thẻ nhớ của mình đây hehe.:still_dreaming:
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