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Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 Updated!


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CHÚ Ý: đây chỉ là file update thôi nhé!
Các bạn nào đã cài Adobe Photoshop Cs6 13.0 thì vào help > Updates nhé hoặc download update Tại đây dung lượng 22.28mb!

Noteworthy Fixes
We fixed a total number of 76 core issues in 13.0.1, including:
1 Security fix (http://www.adobe.com/go/apsb12-20)
31 Crashing fixes
18 fixes to 3D features
15 fixes to Drawing and Graphics features
Here are some specific fixes for the following bugs:
3D: Reflection does not render when ray Traced
3D: Ray Trace does not stop rendering
3D: OpenGL widget stops working in Full Screen Windows
Paths and Shapes: No way to select a Shape layer without path getting @ctivated
Paths and Shapes: Shapes do not constrain properly with non-square pixels
Paths and Shapes: Unable to type on paths or shape layer
Paths and Shapes: Vector Layers Copy/Paste attributes not actionable
Paths and Shapes: No vector preview when transforming shape layers.
Windows task bar location & image window problem
Paint is offset with Grip Pen
Actions: An action that copies, closes, and pastes to another open image gives error that it cannot paste Documents open as floating
Actions: CS4/5 Actions that include “Use legacy” option are not using legacy in CS6
Liquify: Mac 10.8: Corruption when using large images on a background layer
Type: Extensis: Update All Text Layer becomes available after replace missing fonts
Layer Comps: “Could not complete your request because the result would be too big” displayed with this CS5 sample file
Group Styles: Some blending options not saved with file
Video playback should use draft quality for faster playback
After crop, Adjustment layers with dropdown menus become grayed out in properties panel
Channels Panel: Thumbnails don’t update after moving layer
Performance: Moving layers is slow compared to CS5 if layer palette is visible and thumbnails are showing

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