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Alien Skin Software Photo Bundle Collection


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Alien Skin Software Photo Bundle Collection

Alien Skin Software Photo Bundle Collection | 299MB
Supported OS: OS X 10.8 +
Language: English

Treatment: Complete
Type of medicine: patch
System requirements:
Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.8 or later
One of the following:
Apple Aperture 3 or later
Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later
Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 or later
Adobe Lightroom 4 or later
Alien Snap Art 4 - This plugin is designed to transform photographs into paintings and drawings, hand-drawn variety of styles.
Alien Exposure 6 - a standalone program and the plug-in for Photoshop and other graphics editors. Designed for true connoisseurs of photography and will change the picture by adding different effects: an imitation of the frame from the film, shooting simulation of analog camera, bokeh, vignettes and more.
Alien Skin Blow Up plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom. Blow Up produces an increase to 3600% without the appearance of step artifacts and luminescence. High-quality image resizing, better than bicubic interpolation and resizing the image, preserves the clear edge and smooth lines.
Alien Skin Bokeh plug-in for Photoshop, designed to draw attention to a particular object in the photo. With this supplement you can add to the image effect of depth of field, make a stand, or emphasize the main object of other available means.
Alien Skin Eye Candy 7 will allow to easily perform many design tasks ranging from web interfaces and ending with impressive logos. The plugin creates realistic effects of natural phenomena, providing beautifully detailed results.
Additional Information:
Soctav distribution:
The latest versions of plug-ins at the time of release (06/11/2014)
Blow Up (24 October 2014)
Bokeh (June 2014)
Exposure (22 October 2014)
Eye Sandy (22 October 2014)
Snap-Art (4 December 2014) NEW
Alien Skin Snap Art 4
Snap Art 4 - Contains a large library of pre-harvest, which enable one-click to create paintings that are written or drawn butter, charcoal, watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, pastel crayon, as well as in comic style, pointillism and impasto (overlay colors impasto) in different basis: oil on canvas, paper, etc.
When you create Snap Art figure takes into account the contours of objects in the original picture, making strokes and strokes fall naturally.
Possibilities Alien Skin Snap Art:
- Most of the filters now have a slider >photorealism> with which you can easily reach the level of photorealistic images. This helps to maintain clear and detailed portraits.
- Added upravelenie focus, which allows you to manage - what and where to save the details. These oval area is easily changeable and can be moved by simply dragging in the preview window.
- In the new version, the settings are grouped into categories to help you quickly find the right style.
- Added support for multi-processor which increases the efficient operation.
Here is the window
A: Menu - located on the top panel of the working window
B: Tabs - Tabs is a wide variety of settings, such as color, lighting, brightness and so on.
C: Templates - are already pre-prepared list of options. Just one click, you can turn a picture into a pencil sketch.
D: Navigation - Navigator.
E: The buttons and zoom in on a move - you can increase or decrease the size of the preview image. Also, just move it.
F: Message Indicator - lets you know about updates and news, which occurred in the program.
G: Setting the background - you can choose the backdrop will view the edited image.
H: Splitting the window - this option allows you to divide the working area in half to see the result of image conversion and at the same time its original version.
I: The standard buttons - as in any program to confirm or cancel the action.
J: The preview window of the selected area
K: Tips - in this line, you get a brief description of the area where the mouse cursor.
M: Scale - shows the size of the edited image in the working field.
Excellent filter with excellent opportunities!
Alien Skin Exposure
In Exposure There are more than 500 presets (pre-harvest) to simulate the various features of the films. Some effects, such as grain, we can not add to the whole image, but only to the shadows, bright areas or semitone.
Films of each manufacturer, and even different brands of one manufacturer films have different performance characteristics. Some of them allow you to more accurately capture the fine details in dark areas, while others have a stunning range of colors transmitted, but lose them too bright or too dark frames. It allows you to manipulate various aspects of features films achieve interesting results.
The program allows you to change the exposure on your taste and recreate the features characteristic of films from different manufacturers: bright colors Velvia, the rich blacks Kodachrome or the sensitivity of Ektachrome.
Brief description of the interface:
A. Button Panel software and user presets. where you can turn on the desired category presets.
B. The list of presets, you can select the color, black / white or all presets at once
C. Settings panel, where you can select the options that you would like to change
D. Navigation in the preview area, preview and zoom effects in the viewport.
E. Field Preview
F. Office of the preview window. Preview separation into two halves: one - the original image, the other - a preview of the results of the filter.
Control buttons thumbnails - show the original image (press and hold), moving, scaling (click on the previews zooms, Alt-click - reduces, doubleclick on the button - sets the scale of 100%, in addition, you can select an arbitrary rectangular area, the scope and position previews established to allocate)
G. Saving the results, adding new images and the transition between the selected images (left and right arrows)
Group Presets
Manage settings presets, you can use groups of related sliders (sliders), as well as texture mapping. Group presets allow you to quickly explore options to avoid messing with the individual sliders. Hover over the preset - miniature updates to show you how it looks in the picture. Just jog the cursor through the list of presets to quickly examine them visually. Additionally, with each preset you can use a variety of settings controls: tone curves, focus, grain, vignette, etc.
Modeling method overlay dust and scratches in Exposure 4 output sometimes looked a little artificial. In 5 Exposure reversed texturing system based on real high-resolution photos. Compared with 4 Exposure, where dust and scratches look like artificial artifacts in the fifth version, they are more realistic. In 5 Exposure can add a wide range of beautiful realistic effects simulating >dirt>, matt emulsion, illumination, scratches, dust, old frame.
User Interface:
Black-and-white and color filters are divided into different groups.
A group of presets you can easily view custom effects when @ctivated with the mouse. Thumbnail Preview - Preview allows you to view presets by activating a possible outcome in miniature, the size of which can be adjusted.
Search settings. Organisation of search by name or description.
A significant increase in speed on Mac.
Controls and effects, you can:
Intuitive and easy to quickly create new user settings and save them as presets.
Create a black and white effects lighter (more channels of color, B / W filters, split toning).
Easily create your own color effects
New effects - infrared color
New texturing effects (illumination, dust and scratches, borders)
New presets - Many presets improved and added new ones.
Alternative. New textures will help you recreate historical photographic processes: cyanotype, literature and print photos on mokrokollodionnyh plates.
Lo-Fi. More realistic setting rotation chamber via leaks and organic light texture. Lo-Fi Photo are photographs taken on the lay technique using artifacts and defects in artistic purposes. This includes photos from cell phones, compact digital cameras, pinhole photography and other exotic methods of imaging.
The plugin contains the settings tab:
Settings - You can choose one of the settings of the filter. Those that are included in the delivery, emulate the characteristics of a particular film. The selected settings can be changed in the future and keep them under your name. The manufacturer's website you can download some additional settings.
Color - a check mark on the line Create Output In New Layer Above Current outputs the result of the filter in a new layer, which is very convenient - the original is preserved.
Overall Intensity parameter controls the >degree of application> filter - the result of a filter applied to the original. The same effect can be achieved in the Photoshop, change the opacity of the new layer with the filtered image of the original overlay mode Normal. It is recommended to leave at 100%.
Parameters - Red, Green and Blue channels allow us to determine the impact on the final result.
Line Equalize Channels - sum of the intensities of each color is always 100% (when one of the parameters, the other two imenyayutsya automatically in the opposite direction), which allows you to save as a result of the overall brightness of the original image. In the filter is also allowed to set negative values of the intensities of channels. And, although repeat such an effect in the real world it is physically impossible, it can improve the contrast of the image.
Parameters Ink Color, Strength, Position allow toned image in any color.
Tone tab allows you to change the brightness of the image. With separate slide bars Contrast, Shadow, Midtone, Highlight can change the contrast and brightness in shadows, midtones and highlights.
Focus - helps simulate the change in focal length when shooting. In practice, this conventional tools Blur and Sharp.
Grain - will add grain with customizable shadows, midtones and bright areas (parameters Shadow, Midtone, Highlight).
Vignette roundness faces, vignetting and others.
Bookmark Borders & Textures - contains a number of effects to simulate the >aging> of photos. Here you can change a number of parameters such as: dust, scratches,
Alien Skin Blow Up
The plugin works with Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and as a standalone version. In Photoshop, the program is installed in the Plug-In for Photoshop, then plug should be sought, or in the >Filters> tab or the >File - Automate>.
Blow Up can work in CMYK, RGB, Lab, Grayscale, and Duotone, copes with the processing of files, which contain several layers (it is noteworthy that in this case they do not need to be reduced) and works with 16- and 32-bit images, including including RAW and HDR.
The plugin has the ability to save the new image as a separate file when the original image remains intact, more efficient than in Adobe Photoshop batch processing, easy to use.
Blow Up can enlarge images at 300,000 pixels on each side and at the same time they do not appear such unpleasant artifacts as the effect of a comb, a halo and divorces.
In Blow Up 3 improved the sharpness of borders without the formation of digital artifacts. The images below show the difference between Blow Up 3 and conventional bicubic increasing used in Photoshop and other graphics editors.
The simplicity of the interface Blow Up deceptive. Just set the paper size in the same way as in Photoshop and set the region further. In the third version kept all the secrets of >rocket> under the hood.
Side tabs can be hidden if desired by clicking on the triangles at the edges of the panels.
Blow Up 3 began to work much faster.
A large library of presets standard paper sizes, including paper American, European and Japanese standards makes it easier to adjust the image to the desired formats.
Blow Up 3 got tight integration with Lightroom and supports batch processing of data without the intervention of Photoshop.
Blow Up 3 is compatible with Lightroom 2 or later.
Running Blow Up 3 from Lightroom
Blow Up 3 runs from Lightroom as an external editor. To start Blow Up you simply select the image (or multiple images for batch processing), and select Photo-> Edit In-> Blow Up 3. You can also right click on the image and select Edit In-> Blow Up 3. When Lightroom asks you how to edit a photo, we recommend that you select >Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments> and Lightroom will make a copy of the image in the desired format to Blow Up.
batch mode
When you start Blow Up with multiple images from Lightroom, the OK button and Cancel buttons in the lower right corner of the window to apply the changes to the image. The left and right arrow buttons allow you to move to different images, and the middle button allows you to select all or one image from your party image editing. When you're done, click >Finish Batch> and your settings will be applied to all images.
Alien Skin Bokeh
Features plug-in that it accurately simulates the effect of blurring, which can be obtained using these lenses. Bokeh - the emphasis on the main site photos.
Possibilities Alien Skin Bokeh:
Alien Skin Bokeh 2 will allow during post processing photos with the adjustment sliders to >manage> blur the background, set the diameter of the impact, depth, stiffness, aperture, focal length and distance shots.
Since the plugin allows you to change these parameters during postprocessing, that is already on the image, thus it can offset some of the shortcomings of digital cameras.
Alien Skin Bokeh 2 provides real-time viewing the possible results when working with images, and in several modes.
Alien Skin Bokeh 2 provides a ready-made presets blur, simulator lenses Canon EF 85mm f / 1.2 II and Micro-Nikkor 105mm f / 2.8, adding grain, spherical aberration, photometric illumination (simulates the effects of shooting against the light source.)
Eye Candy 7
A simple interface allows you to do all this with ease, saving a lot of time working with the designer Adobe Photoshop. Now the effects are adapted to the size of your images, which greatly improves the realistic quality and reduces the number of buttons and controls in the interface plug. There is also a more than 1500 built-in presets and 30 filters, conveniently organized by category and are specially trained to quickly create a variety of effects, including such as: glass, metal, wood, water, and many others.
In addition:
Completely redesigned user interface Eye Candy in order to make it easier to learn. Eye Candy 7 now adds one entry in the Filter Photoshop. This means that you can explore all the effects without leaving the window Eye Candy. Instead of selecting a category effect on the text, you'll see icons that show a typical application of each effect. Clicking on the picture below, you see them in full size.
After selecting the effect, you can quickly explore presets using the browser window. You do not even have to press a button. Just move your mouse over a preset and navigator pokazyzhet how the effect will look like in your design. In the screenshot you can see the Navigator window in the lower left corner. In the settings panel you can choose how the effect should affect the new layer. You can have a new layer with only effect without a copy of the original.
Many effects Eye Candy use transparency, which can be adjusted in the settings panel. Quickly switch between chess background, black, white or custom colors. By popular demand, are the best effects of Xenofex: lightning, elektorazryad and clouds.
Filters of this plugin:
Backlight for creating light effects
Brushed Metal to create metal surfaces
Extrude to extrude two-dimensional objects and turn them into three-dimensional
Bevel to generate relief surfaces and buttons
Glass surfaces to create a glass
Chrome to create a chrome-plated surfaces
Gradient Glow to create a frame with a gradient
Motion Trail to create the effect of a trace of movement
Perspective Shadow for imposing-looking shadows
Super Star to create stars
Corona to create a fiery crown (like the sun)
Icicles to create the effect of ice
Smoke to create the effect of smoke
Snow Drift to create a snow surface (such as the new year)
Animal Fur for texturing skins of various animals
Brick Wall for texturing brick

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