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Caffeinated 2.0.3 Mac OS X


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Caffeinated 2.0.3 [k'ed] | 8.02MB

Caffeinated is a beautiful Google Reader client that seamlessly syncs with your Google Reader account.

Caffeinated supports sending to your favourite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter and also bookmarking / read it later services such as Instapaper and Read It Later.
Caffeinated also allows customisation of the reading view, you can create themes or modify existing ones for your viewing pleasure.

Some other features include:
- Plugin architecture for developers
- Find and subscribe to feeds
- Basic "resume", start off where you left off
- Basic click for flash
- Readability mode to see the full article
- Fully customisable shortcuts
- Subscription organisation
and much more.

Please note: There are a few issues with 10.6 and a build will be submitted to the App Store on the weekend of the 25th Feb to resolve these issues.

What's New in Version 2.0.3

What's new:

Added support for authenticated feeds ( HTTP auth ) - huzzah!
Added preference to be able to centre the selected item in the article list
Added preference to be able to select only subscriptions and not groups when using the next unread shortcuts
Added preference to limit the internal cache size
Added preference against subscriptions to allow force enabling of readability
Added ability to save an image directly to downloads
Added preference to enable RTL per subscription
Added preference to disable mark as read on selection

What's changed:

This version contains a new way of keeping track of read and unread items, due to this change, there may be overlapping of items you may have read before being marked as unread ( these would generally be old items that were discarded ). What this will do, is cure issues with subscriptions that have no dates for items and subscriptions that update there feeds in a non chronological order.
Much better right to left language support / auto-detection
Improvements to search Performance increases
Improved RDF support
Improved overall support for ATOM / RSS / RDF
Uses much less memory when using large databases
Caffeinated now creates regular backups of your subscriptions

What's fixed:

Fixed issue with menubar not showing
Fixed various submitted crashes
Fixed majority of issues ( that I know of ) with feeds not being detected
Fixed issue with finding a subscription that doesn't have a title which then caused a crash
Fixed crash with importing an OPML / XML file that doesnt have a "title" attribute on the groups element
Fixed Twitter not posting ( due to Twitter 1.1 API changes )
Fixed issue with overlapping text in the article list when using mix and match of various sizes and heights Fixed issue where some thumbnails were not appearing
Fixed issue with not being able to select an article without having to manually select a different item from the left hand list first
Fixed random hang issue
Fixed various formatting issues
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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