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Capture One Pro v8.0.1.19 (Mac OS X)


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Capture One Pro v8.0.1.19 (Mac OS X)

Capture One Pro v8.0.1.19 (Mac OS X)

Capture One Pro v8.0.1.19 (Mac OS X)
Capture One Pro v8.0.1.19 MacOSX | 315 MB

Capture One Pro is the worlds best professional RAW converter and image editing software. It contains all the essential tools and high-end features in one package to enable you to capture, organize, edit, share and print images in a fast, flexible and efficient workflow. Capture One Pro 6s powerful and intuitive toolset is used by professional photographers to achieve world-class image quality, excellent colors and details.
Capture One Pro v8.0.1.19 (Mac OS X)
Capture One Pro features the leading tethered capture solution, multiple output files from each conversion, an advanced color editor, local adjustments, lens and unique perspective corrections, standard setting black and white conversion, openCL support, noise reduction and hand-made color and camera profiles for more than 200 cameras. With the highest conversion quality available today, and a workflow that has been praised worldwide, Capture One Pro has clearly set the standard for RAW conversion software.
Capture One Pro enables you to create amazing looking images in just a few logical steps:
1. Apply appropriate color profile
2. Check focus using the focus mask
3. Tag and sort to quickly edit images
4. Adjust exposure, crop, contrast, color temp and noise
5. Optimize images colors, lens and perspective correction
6. Fine-tune your image using local adjustments
7. Batch Process to several file formats and sizes at once
- Intel Core 2 Duo or better
- 4 GB of RAM
- 10 GB of free hard disk space
- Calibrated color monitor with 1280 x 800, 24 bit resolution at 96dpi screen ruling
- Mac OS X 10.9 or later
- Flash is required to view the intro video
- An Internet connection when activating Capture One
New in
Capture support
- Support for uncompressed file formats from Nikon D810 and D4s
Bug fixes
- Fixed a issue with Template folders
- Fixed an issue with reading certain Fujifilm files
- Fixed an issue with renaming a single file
- Fixed a few issues with Repair Layers
- Fixed a few issues with Focus Mask
- Fixed a few issues with Nikon Live View
- Fixed keyword incompatibility with Adobe Lightroom 4
- Fixed numerous other bugs
- Fixed several crashes
- Fixed several user interface bugs and misalignments
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