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This infection begins with a small bump, or with a tiny scaly patch on the scalp, which may be mistaken as dandruff. Slowly, the infection spreads and creates single or multiple bald patches. Severe cases may also lead to permanent hair loss. Treatment Options - The doctor would be able to diagnose the infection by examining the scalp. For testing purposes, samples of the hair, or scaly skin of the scalp may be collected. After proper diagnosis, the following treatment options may be used - Antifungal Medications - Medications for oral consumption may be used for treating the infection. They could either be in the form of a tablet, or liquid. These may be consumed for a period of 6 weeks, as directed by the doctor. Medicated Shampoos - You are likely to be advised by your doctor to wash your scalp with medicated shampoo at least 2-3 times a week, depending upon the condition. Note: Ringworm of the scalp mostly affects young children. Consumption of certain antifungal medications may cause side effects such as diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, pain, etc. Make sure that the treatment plan is as per the doctor's suggestion. [ Back ] Tine pedals (ringworm of the foot) Also known as Athlete's Foot, this infection is most commonly found in young men and is likely to occur in the space between the toes. Wearing damp or tight-fitting socks and shoes makes the skin of the feet warm and moist - the ideal environment for fungi to thrive! Symptoms may include - Extremely dry skin on the feet, especially on the edges of the feet, or at the bottom Cracked skin which peels from the surface, appearing at the sole, or in between the toes A burning sensation accompanied by itching and stinging in the affected area - mainly the soles or in the gap between the toes Occurrence of itchy blisters on the site.

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