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Kolor Autopano Giga 3.0.7 Win MacOSX

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Kolor Autopano Giga 3.0.7 Win MacOSX | 130 MB

Autopano Giga allows you to stitch 2, 20, or 2,000 images.
New interface: Autopano Giga 2.6 has a new look! Dark gray predominates, allowing you to enhance your images like never before. Changes have also been made in the user interface.

Multi-platform, multi-lingual: Autopano Giga runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It is available in 9 languages including English, French and German.

Saving the workspace: Autopano Giga allows you to save your workspace to quickly locate all current projects the next time you open the software.Customizable layout

The Autopano Giga interface is customizable. You can enable or disable certain components, move them or even make them into independent windows.

Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

What's new
We moved the GPU texture option to prevent confusion. GPU (and texture quality) is used for the panorama preview but does not change the final rendering quality. We added a compression parameter: it is disabled by default because it creates visual artifacts in the preview (and only in the preview) but it can be useful for users that don't have enough GPU memory. Memory usage can be divided per 2, but CPU is used to compress textures. We advise you not to @ctivate this if your panorama editor already runs well with the GPU. We also enhanced the GPU processing to consume less memory and to better the reactivity.

Plugin support
Detection of the latest version of Adobe Bridge.

GPS heading support
Computing and transmission of the orientation of the panorama center when GPS information is available in the EXIF data.

Contact to email: downloadsuport191@gmail[dot]com for support all you need !
[b]Uploaded.net [/b]
http://extabit.com/file/279ms3jbht4ey/Autopano Giga 3.0.7.part1.rar
http://extabit.com/file/279ms3jbht4ga/Autopano Giga 3.0.7.part2.rar
http://dizzcloud.com/dl/165q8cb/Autopano Giga 3.0.7.part1.rar
http://dizzcloud.com/dl/165q8cl/Autopano Giga 3.0.7.part2.rar

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