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Norton 360 Premier Edition (English / Spanish)

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Norton 360 Premier Edition (English / Spanish) | 173.29 & 172.72MB

Our ultimate protection with 25 GB online storage! Introducing the new Norton 360™ Premier Edition. Superior, easy-to-use protection and backup for all your important stuff.. Provides proactive protection, so you can do what you want online, knowing you’re protected. Ultra-fast Internet detection layer stops most threats before they can even reach your computer.

Say goodbye to viruses
- It's okay to blink, because we never do – SONAR technology and live 24x7 Threat Monitoring watch over your PC for any suspicious behavior to quickly identify threats.
- Download away – we scan the files you download and eliminate online threats that we find.
- Deep clean your PC – our powerful Threat-Removal Layer targets and scrubs out aggressive, hard-to-remove infections that less sophisticated products often miss.
- Harness global power – only Norton™ can bring you the ultra-fast Network Defense Layer to block a multitude of threats before they can even touch your PC.
- Protection from the future, available today – our exclusive reputation and behavior antivirus technology are so advanced that they can stop online threats that bad guys haven't even created yet.
- Keep out trespassers – Browser Protection blocks unsafe websites that secretly download software that can steal personal information or take over your PC.

Neutralize online identity thieves – it's the only way to shop, surf and visit social networks without worry
- It's easy to stumble into the wrong part of the web – we block "phishing" websites set up to trick you into leaking your passwords, credit card numbers or worse.
- Facebook links are tempting – now you don't need to worry if a Facebook News Feed contains dangerous downloads or fraudulent links.
- Protects your identity by securely storing and automatically entering your user names and passwords.

Help keep kids safe from Internet dangers with Norton™ Online Family
- Easily connects you to Norton™ Online Family right from within your Norton™ Control Center.
- Lets you know what your kids are up to online by tracking which websites they visit, and allows you to block inappropriate sites.
- Keeps an eye on your kids’ social network activities and who they’re chatting with online, so you can spot potential dangers.

Engineered to go unnoticed – because great protection doesn't get in your way or slow you down
- Blazingly fast performance delivers fast browsing and file scanning.
- Intelligent detection and quiet background operation block threats and won’t overload you with pop-up warnings or restart requests.
- So smart, it scans and runs updates only when you’re not using your PC – with no need to reboot after updates.

Everyone's talking cloud. And with our new Cloud-based Norton™ Management, it’s easy to stay in control
- Lets you fix, update, renew or install Norton™ products on additional PCs without needing to track down the product Mã or install CD.
- Works from anywhere over the Internet with a few simple clicks.

Accidents happen. Hard drives fail. Coffee gets spilled. Make sure you always have a backup.
- Automatic backup takes care of your photos, music, and other important files and backs them up to a disc, USB device, or online to one of our secure data centers.
- Protects files you back up online with government-grade encryption.
- Lets you get up and running fast - Norton™ backup restores files with just a few clicks.

PC need a pick me up? Keep it running fast and trouble-free with our exclusive clean up and tuneup features.
- Fixes common problems that can slow down or cause your PC to crash or freeze
- Gets rid of unnecessary files and optimizes your hard drive.
- Frees up system memory.

Additional Info:
- Includes Norton Trial Resetter patch file ver. 1.1.5 by BabelPatcher. (VirusTotal Report)
- Resets the 15/30 Days Trial Period of NAV / NIS / N360 to 180 Days
- Works on setup for ANY language, and installed in ANY location
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Norton 360 Premier Edition (English)

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Norton 360 Premier Edition (Spanish)

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