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OnOne Perfect B&W v9.0.0.1216 Premium Edition


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OnOne Perfect B&W v9.0.0.1216 Premium Edition

OnOne Perfect B&W v9.0.0.1216 Premium Edition

OnOne Perfect B&W Premium Edition MacOSX | 276.9 MB | 290 MB
Perfect B&W - The easiest way to develop stunning black & white images. The pinnacle for many photographers is the perfectly mastered black and white print. With Perfect B&W, you can easily develop your own stunning black and white images. Its powerful and intuitive tools give you instant results with complete creative control. Use Perfect B&W to add dramatic and elegant looks to your photos and create the many moods black and white photography can evoke-resulting in beautiful and provocative imagery.

OnOne Perfect B&W v9.0.0.1216 Premium Edition
Some of the features:
- Reproduce vintage styles using film grain and darkroom techniques quickly with a library of well crafted presets.
- Save time and stay focused on your image editing when your library of favorite effects are always nearby.
- Precisely dodge and burn, add detail, and apply selective color with a set of powerful brushes designed for black & white processing.
- Paint inside the lines with precision using the new edge-detecting Perfect Brush.
- Use Blending Modes to blend your black & white image with your original to achieve a unique hand-painted or grungy effect.
- Imply mood and depth with striking detail using the Toner Presets in Perfect B&W.
- Use built-in color filter presets to enhance contrast in your image.
- Adjust the relative brightness of the details you care about, whether its the sky, foliage, or people.
- Optimize the balance of tone and contrast in your image with the Tone Curve.
- Adjust shadows, mid-tones, and highlights to create the exact look you want.
- Accentuate your images with vignettes, authentic film & darkroom edge effects, and borders.
New Smart Photos
Re-edit your photos-with previous settings intact-after saving and closing them. All of your editing steps are saved with a Smart Photo, so you can make subtle (or major) changes to a photo at a later date.
New Noise Reduction
Reduce noise from your photos while maintaining details. Even selectively apply noise reduction to different parts of a photo, such as the shadows or highlights.
Updated Perfect Brush
Our popular Perfect Brush has been enhanced to work better along soft edges and semi-transparent objects like smoke, clouds, or hair.
Controls for enhancing your B&W looks.
From adjusting tone, color response, or the tone curve to adding a border. Each control is designed specifically to develop and enhance your B&W looks.
New Print Options
Now print your photos directly from Perfect B&W!
Live Previews
Easily toggle the preview on/off to quickly see how your editing progresses. Also use the Quick View Browser for a full-screen gallery view of your looks applied to your photo.
Customizable presets for your look.
Saving the settings of your look is simple with presets. Presets will store all your adjustments and allow easy access to your B&W look to use on other photos. Give the preset a name and share with friends!
Optional Application Integration
Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC, or CC 2014
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, 12, or 13
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 or 5
Language : English
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