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Steinberg Cubase Elements 7.AI7.LE7 7.0.5 Win MacOSX


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Bài viết

Steinberg Cubase Elements 7.AI7.LE7 7.0.5 Win(x86/x64) + MacOSX | 3.24 GB + 2.56 GB

Description: Cubase Ai7 is an excellent choice for novice producers and musicians looking for a complete software package that offers a lot of features out of the box.

New features include mixing MixConsole, scalable, high-quality sound (192 kHz), and routing flexibility. New Channel Strip is equipped with a cut filters LF and HF, Neuss-gated, 4-band EQ with spectrum analyzer, three compressors, envelope generator, limiter, maximizer, and other modules. The settings window channel (Channel Settings) processed to provide easy access to all parameters of the channel, including the measurement and destination routing. Remote Control Editor allows you to assign a plug-in parameters to external controllers.
Chord Track, a dedicated track in the Project window, defines the structure of music and transmits information about the chords in the MIDI-and audio tracks that are processed fuktsii VariAudio. The new sound engine Steinberg ASIO-Guard should improve stability and prevent loss of data. For troubleshooting and diagnosing a safe mode start-up, which temporarily disables user settings. Individual tracks and channels can now be found quickly in large projects through search engines based on keywords. MemZap function retains the position and zoom factor in the project at any time.
Feature Easy Audio Driver Setup Cubase helps users to connect to your audio equipment. Steinberg Hub includes an expanded Project Assistant plus additional information services such as news and regularly updated list of video tutorials.

Extras. information:
+ Attention! Free registration Ai7 LE7 and will be available on Steinberg later (stay tuned). You can pre-create the account MySteinberg (if you do not already have it). Cubase Elements 7 for free registration will not be available.
+ The disc is a freeware with different equipment, but is not available in the free downloading from the manufacturer.
+ In the tablet program does not require, all legally and without any code modification.
+ From the distribution does not cut, is heard in its original form.
+ MacOS version in the hand is missing (see the relevant section).
+ First run StartCenter.exe, install 7.0.4, then run the update to 7.0.5
+ Works in the same system as the other versions of Cubase, including grunt Cubase 3, 4, 5, and with Nuendo.
+ Works with all the grunt plug-ins, if there is any additional specific incompatibility.

Warning for users of Cubase 5 AiR and programs that involve emulator eLicenser-a!
If you are using Cubase 5 AiR, or Nexus 2, or other programs (plug-ins), those involving emulator USB eLicenser from AiR release in 2009 (SYNSOEMU.DLL), the installation of Cubase Ai7 in your system can make unusable chipped Cubase 5 and others Plugins for the aforesaid emulator. To avoid this (!) Before istallyatsiey Cubase Ai7 perform the following manipulations:
1) Look for a directory Windows/System32 (in either the Windows/SysWow64) SynsoEMU.dll file and copy it to a safe place.
2) Install Cubase Ai7 and updates.
3) Setup Cubase Ai7 replaces pirate SynsoEMU.dll your file as a result of programs like Cubase 5 AiR will require a Mã. So copy the file back to a previously saved SynsoEMU.dllChtoby avoid hassles associated with sudden stops functioning of your previously installed programs, do not forget prior to installation of new products is always in good time to make a copy of your working system. It will save your time and save your nerves!

Procedure for registration of Cubase Ai / LE
Procedure for registration of Cubase Ai or LE after installation
+ Create an account https://www.steinberg.net/en/mysteinberg.html
+ We go to the section Activation & Reactivation, choose Cubase Ai7, then Permanent Activation.
+ Run eLicenser Control Center and copy the serial number of your licensors. If you have not discovered licensors, then press the keyboard shortcut win + r, in the window of the "Run" box, type "C: \ Program Files \ Syncrosoft \ POS \ SYNSOPOS.exe" / regSel, click OK. With this action you create a file SeLicenser.sel, which is used to hold licenses.
+ The site, enter the number in the appropriate box. In the 'Choose Product' select 'Other Yamaha hardware'. Click 'Request Activation code'. You will be given an activation code format 0240 7CCM XLXI LCIU VXOX LO00 1124 87EE. Copy it.
+ Again return to the eLicenser Control Center, click the 'Enter Activation code' and enter the resulting activation Mã. Click on the 'Download License' to create a permanent activation of Cubase Ai7.Posle data manipulation program will run indefinitely!

Summary table details the differences Cubase / Artist / Elements (PDF)
Accordingly, if an operation is not in Elements 7, then they will not be in Ai7.


System requirements:
Windows 7 / Windows 8
Intel or AMD
Compatible sound card
Memory 2 GB RAM
8 GB Disk Space
Recommended screen resolution 1280 x 800
Internet to @ctivate the program

Year / Date of Release: 2013
Version: 7.0.5 Build 2197
Developer: Steinberg
Website Developer: www.steinberg.net
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Not required




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