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Swift Publisher 3.3.5 + iCloud + Extras Pack (Mac OSX)


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Swift Publisher 3.3.5 + iCloud + Extras Pack (Mac OSX) | 2.5 GB

Page layout application for designing and printing colorful flyers, newsletters, brochures, letterheads

Swift Publisher not only provides you with a choice of professionally made designs and advanced editing capabilities, but also makes page layout process pleasant and easy.

Publishing good looking and informative documents for business, social and home activities becomes easy with Swift Publisher.

No doubt that staying in touch with your customers and group members is important for you.

Features of "Swift Publisher":

Ready-Made Designs
Ready-Made DesignsA collection of 130 professionally designed templates will give you a head start in desktop publishing. Quickly create letterheads and brochures for your small business, flyers and newsletters for clubs and organizations, and greeting cards and invitations for your loved ones.

Easy-to-Use Page Layout Tools
Laying out your documents has never been easier than with Swift Publisher. You can create multi-page documents with the same background by setting a master page. The Background and Foreground layers allow you to create complex designs without cluttering your workspace. The smart guides make aligning objects in relation to one another a breeze. The adjustable layout guides and rulers help you place your objects precisely.

Flexible Text Tools
Powerful Text ToolSwift Publisher contains many text tools to help you format the text sections of your documents. When creating newsletters or brochures you can create columns using linked text boxes. You can make text wrap around objects when adding images to text portions. The customizable text styles allow you to quickly change the text for headers, titles, captions, etc. You also have the option to create lists at the click of a mouse and produce tables with text and graphics.

PhotoVast Image Collection
Swift Publisher includes over 24,000 high quality images (1,000 in the standard edition) for use in your newsletters, flyers, letterheads, brochures and more. If that's not enough, you can import your own images in various formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, EPS and more. Integration with iPhoto allows you to easily import photos from your iPhoto library.

Powerful Image and Photo Editing Capabilities
Catchy images are a great way of making your flyers and other promotional projects stand out. Swift Publisher comes equipped with a powerful image and photo editing tool powered by Image Tricks. With this editor you can apply 60 Core Image effects and filters to your images. Also choose from over 100 unique masks to apply to your pictures or simply use your own image as a mask.

Design Tools
Create professional designs using the various design tools included in Swift Publisher. In addition to tinting, tiling, rotating and controlling the opacity of objects, you can add shadows and color fills. There is also a large collection of customizable Smart Shapes which you can fill with images to create beautiful collages or frames.

Create Interesting Headings and Graphics
PhotoThanks to integration with BeLight Software's Art Text you have the opportunity to create striking headings and graphics for your documents. Art Text launches automatically at a click of the mouse and allows you to begin creating your artwork. After creating your object, simply double click on it to launch Art Text and begin editing it again. Read more about the Art Text Bonus App.

Using the Result
Swift Publisher allows you to export your projects in various formats, including TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF. You can also apply system PDF filters. If you're preparing your document for mass publication, transform it into a vector image using the text to curve feature in case the printshop doesn't have the font used in your project.

User-Friendly Interface
The interface of Swift Publisher is straightforward and intuitive. You find that all of the necessary tools you need are easy to locate and even easier to use.

Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.