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Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 7.0.1127 Beta for Windows 8.1

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Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 7.0.1127 Beta for Windows 8.1 | 145 Mb

Titanium Maximum Security 2014 - is the revolutionary solution for the safe use of the Internet. Completely new way to protect the proven technology of "cloud" computing to automatically stop viruses and spyware before they reach your computer. The easy-to-use protection "all-in-one" to securely visit websites and receive email, use internet banking and make online purchases. Thanks to Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security your digital life will always be protected. In the 2014 version officially supports Windows 8.1.

Titanium Maximum Security 2014 provides maximum protection for your device (PC, smartphone) and data when using the Internet. Comprehensive Antivirus Titanium Maximum Security uses cloud technology to proakivnoy protection against new and unknown viruses and spyware by blocking threats before they harm your computer.

Features :
• Protection against Web-based threats with updates in real time.
• accelerate the PC due to low consumption of system resources.
• Easy to use with friendly interface and intuitive graphical reports.
• Secure banking and shopping online stores due to the protection of transactions and prevent data theft.
• The safety of children on the Internet due to parental controls.
• Blocking spam.
• Remote protection of confidential files in case of computer theft.
Now work with e-mail, make purchases at online stores and perform banking transactions can be absolutely calm and without interference! The solution Trend Micro ™ Titanium ™ Maximum Security will not miss any threat.

Tools :
• Antivirus and antispyware
• Removal Tool fake antivirus
• Protection against unauthorized modification of data
• The ability to personalize the interface Titanium
• Safe operation of the Internet
• Block access to malicious Web sites
• Block malicious messages and e-mails
• Anti-Spam. The system block spam
• Optimize the Windows Firewall
• Smart Protection Network
• Parental Control
• System Tuner
• Cleaning the folder with files, cookie and browser history
• Protection against data theft
• Secure Erase
• SafeSync online storage 10 GB
• Storage Trend Micro Vault
• Remote File Lock
• Authentication of the wireless network
• Trend Protect Toolbar
• Protection of smartphones and tablet computers
• Protection for Facebook and Twitter
• Protection of e-mail and instant messaging

Genera :
• "Cloud" technology that provides proactive blocking of threats.
• Using less than half the disk space and memory, which are usually required by other remedies.
• NEW! The protective function in social networks, automatically determines a safe and malicious links on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
• Intuitive and easy to install, simple interface with the organization and reporting system.
• Security system without notifications and pop-ups, maintenance after installation.
• Customizable parental controls to ensure the safety of children on the Internet.
• Tools to protect data from loss or theft, including a means of removing files Secure Erase, storage Trend Micro Vault with remote lock function files, and storage account for 10 GB SafeSync for the protection and sharing of files and access them.
• Protection of smartphones and tablets, including devices with systems Android, Windows and iOS.

Anti-virus protection :
• Antivirus and antispyware: Effective and reliable protection against viruses and spyware. Comprehensive Antivirus Titanium Maximum Security protects against viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware using signature-based detection, along with cloud proactive technologies. Regular automatic update to detect and block new malicious threats, providing protection of personal data against spyware, rootkits and other malware.
• Protection against rogue antivirus: Titanium provides a tool for protection against rogue programs posing as antivirus software. The new system effectively detects and removes fake antivirus programs.
• Monitoring of program behavior: The product line includes Titanium module behavior control programs. Application Control monitors the processes of Windows, identifying unauthorized and potentially malicious changes. This allows you to block malicious programs before they will make changes to the operating system and infect a computer.

Internet security :
• Protects against Web-based threats: detection and blocking unsafe and malicious links in email and IM-instant messaging client. Web protection prevents downloading malware from the web sites and also protects against theft of credit card numbers and bank accounts using phishing. Constant updating allows you to quickly identify new dangerous Web sites.
• Anti-Spam: Spam Titanium blocks unwanted and harmful messages and images in an email. Spam detection system in real-time provides immediate protection from outbreaks.
• Optimizing Firewall Windows: Titanium Maximum Security Solution optimizes firewall Windows, increasing its zaschityne opportunities. Intsrument Firewall Booster scans traffic and protects against network attacks and viruses.
• Safe operation of wireless networks: Titanium Maximum Security checks the reputation of available wireless networks and Wi-Fi access points, warning in case of security threats.
• Toolbar Trend Micro: Trend Micro Toolbar enhances web security, checking the safety of the current wireless connection and open up a web site. When using a search engine search results are marked with icons that indicate whether the safe passage of the web.
• Parental Controls: Parental controls allow you to prevent unwanted visits Web sites your children and limit their time on the Internet.
• Protection of the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Myspace: Protection against malicious links on social networks. The decision Titanium Maximum Security automatically checks the records on the wall for suspicious web links, highlighting safe and unsafe.

Protection of personal data :
• Preventing identity theft: Prevent theft of sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, hackers and spyware. Eliminate the leakage of protected data through a web page, e-mail or IM-client for online chat.
• Destruction: The function permanently remove Secure Erase writes random data over deleted files, making it impossible to restore.
• Protected Storage TREND MICRO VAULT: Storage of important and confidential files in the folder, a password-protected. In the event of loss or theft, you can remotely lock to protect files and prevent their spread.
• Online Backup (10 GB): Titanium Maximum Security Package includes 10 GB of disk space in the online storage SafeSync, which is used for backup and sharing personal files, photos, video and music recordings. You can share photos with friends or check important files on a device connected to the Internet at any time and in any place.

System optimization :
• Optimization of Windows: Tool System Tuner improves PC performance by removing temporary files, registry entries, startup items and Windows, which allows you to free up disk space and speed up the launch of Windows. To increase performance, System Tuner also clears the journal web browser and a file folder cookie.



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